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The Witcher and Star Wars Crossover Is Something We Want to Happen

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We have had The Witcher starring Henry Cavill crossing over with Lord of the Rings, and we liked it. Now we have the new Netflix show crossing over with Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Fans continue to build epic video clips of their favorite shows and it gives us pleasure to talk about their creativity. In this video, Geralt is wielding lightsabers in an epic duel with the marketplace thugs he encountered. Thanks to the fanmade art, we now know what would have happened if he and his universe would somehow fall into Star Wars or vice versa.

The Witcher Joins Hand With Star Wars

What would happen if you give a lightsaber to the Witcher, Geralt of Rivia? Or imagine he was already in the Star Wars universe, would he be a Sith or a Jedi? Luckily, we can check out both of his looks. Fighting lightsaber-wielding thugs, we get to see the Witcher use of blue and red sabers, both. As you all may know, the blue lightsaber is generally used by Jedi, while (for some weird reason) the red represents darkness and the Sith.

Take a look at this post from Reddit user scanlonzack.

The Witcher with lightsabers (abit janky) from witcher

Now, since we are already imagining everything here, why not go all the way? Let’s talk about all the dudes who were holding the red ones. Where did they get so many lightsabers from? Are they getting training from Sith lord, perhaps Palpatine (or even Snoke)? What about The Rule of Two? But wait, perhaps we are going way overboard. One thing that we absolutely enjoy watching is how Henry Cavill’s the Witcher absolutely nailed this scene in the original show as well.

In any way, it is always great to see Henry Cavill come into another fanmade video. In the previous video from a fan, we saw him battle a giant spider-type monster. There, he found the Mordor’s Ring.

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