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Chris Hardwick comes back to AMC

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Chris Hardwick- the host for Talking Dead is resuming his post back at AMC. The channel took Chris Hardwick off the show after ex-girlfriend Chloe Dykstra accused him of mental and sexual abuse. AMC even banned Hardwick from his weekly chat show Talking With Chris Hardwick. Not just this but Nerdist Industries – the media group founded by Chris Hardwick also took his name off their site. Several other panels replaced him name as moderator after the San Diego Comic Con. Even though he was associated with NBC reality series as well, they took no actions against him. Now that AMC has considered a thorough review, Hardwick is returning back to AMC shows. As released in a statement by AMC, Chris Hardwick is fully appropriate to be associated with the company again.

Chloe Dykstra penned a letter alleging mental and sexual abuse by Chris Hardwick. However, she did not mention him by name in her post.

The girlfriend has shared that Chris did not allow her to have any male friends unless they worked with her. Further, he would coerce her into having sex even she did not feel like it. Chloe Dykstra added that her relationship got to the point where she completely lost herself. And suffered both mental and physical damage. Elaborating on it, she claimed that she lost 15 lbs, and started pulling her hair out. It reached its limits and she frequently got hair extensions to hide it. Further, Chloe Dykstra blamed Hardwick for not allowing her to speak in public. In fact, she started living life like a ghost and spoke only when he talked to her.

Hardwick has completely denied all such claims. He did admit that their relationship was not exactly perfect, but does not take blame for any of the other mentioned things. Chris Hardwick claimed that even when they were not a good match, he loved her and supported her as best as he could.

While the cases were being investigated, Chloe Dykstra has refused to be a part of any such committees. She believes that it is time for her to move on with her life.

Also, she will continue to work with support groups that help sexual abuse survivors. Chloe Dykstra has also revealed that she has shared evidence of her claims with only those who should see it. The actress urged people to stop with the name calling, hatred, and death threats and resume productive discourse.

In today’s society, abuse and assault have been maximized. And Hollywood has been a special target. But with movements like #MeToo and #TimesUp, women are getting the courage to speak up. More and more women have reported abuse, taken actions, and punished their criminals. Lately, we have seen so many celebrities getting defamed for assaulting women. And for once, having a name or reputation is not favoring them. Chris Hardwick was not the first man to get fired off a set for such allegations. Most channels investigate controversial figures to see whether they are capable of staying on board or not. Recently, HBO had to review James Franco as well since numerous women claimed that he displayed sexually inappropriate behavior. Looks like it’s time that celebrities, regardless of fame and even gender are made accountable for misconduct.

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  1. T- Ozzy says

    It REALLY IS getting…”STUPID” if you kissed a GIRL 20 Years ago and she DECIDES to Screw the guy over for WHATEVER reason… or NO REASON….

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