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Ariana Grande Curses Multiple Times During Grammys Interview

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In a Cinderella-like poofy grey gown, Ariana Grande looked like a real-life princess at the Grammys 2020. Well, to be exact, a beautiful princess who ended up cursing a few times on the red carpet during her interview. And it did not go unnoticed. What was going on? Let us dish out some of the newest Grande gossip in town.

Ariana Grande at Grammys 2020

Ariana Grande looked divine as she entered the Grammys 2020 red carpet. She looked so delicate in her huge frilly dress made out of approximately 1000 feet of grey tulle. The long fitted grey gloves just completed this princess-like head to toe look. And her high ponytail was the cherry on top.

Then the singer changed into yet another outfit: a poofy two-toned gray dress.

That’s not all. She later changed into another strapless emerald-toned dress when the ceremony started.

And then, wait for it….she wore two more outfits during her performance on stage. Ariana Grande changed into five different outfits in these four hours.

But that’s not the only great statement she made.

And lots of cursing

The interesting part is how Ariana Grande mistakenly cursed multiple times during her interview on the red carpet.

Speaking to correspondent Keltie Knight, Ariana was discussing her album thank u, next and her nominations;

“It’s an honor.

We didn’t even mean to make this album. It just kind of happened because my friends and I were trying to help ourselves out of a very trying … and very horrible time and it was kind of an accident.”

Then a few curse words dropped out of seemingly nowhere and the singer covered up her mouth in embarrassment saying:

I’m not allowed to say that!

The interviewer told her it’s okay and “we got you.” Well, Ariana started mumbling again and then *bleep* followed by an “Oh my God!” and then *bleeep* again.

We have no idea what was going on exactly. And it’s hard to figure out what the words were, nor do we know the context.

You can try attempting to read her lips or just watch the hilarious swearing slips here:


Honestly, Ariana Grande still looks a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e.

Like a one-of-a-kind rebellious yet cute princess you might never have seen before!

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