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Short Circuit | Disney+ Releases Official Trailer

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Disney and animations. What could be better? Whether you’re still a kid, in your teens, or way past them- a good animated film is always a fun watch. Well, if you love animated movies as we do, then you’re in for a treat. Disney has just released the official trailer for Short Circuit, an experimental Disney+ Animated Series for the first time ever. What will it be about? Keep reading, we have all the deets.

Short Circuit | Disney+ Animated Series

For the first time ever, Disney is releasing a series of experimental animated short films together. We love the full-length animated movies like Tangled, Brave, Inside Out and of course, the older classics like Mulan, Lion King or Cinderella. But sometimes, a short animated film might be the right fix.

And so we get Short Circuit, 14 short animated films produced by Walt Disney Studio filmmakers but all are independent of each other. Each film will have a different visual style and story so be prepared to get seriously entertained.

The directors of these films include John Aquino, Nikki Mull, Jerry Huynh, Trent Correy, Brian Menz, Mitch Counsell, Brian Estrada, Jeff Gipson,  Terry Moews, Natalie Nourigat, Zach Parrish, Brian Scott, Jennifer Stratton, and Kendra Vander Vliet.

There will be ‘Puddles’- a story about a  young boy who discovers that puddles are a portal to a fantasy world. Then there’s ‘Exchange Student’- an only earthling at a school for aliens. ‘Just A Thought’ is an adorable story about 12-year-old Ollie who faces “bubble trouble” when his true feelings for a girl embarrassingly take the form of a physical thought bubble, revealing them.

And those are just three of these exciting storylines. We’re about to get FOURTEEN, together in Short Circuit! *excitement!*

Release Date & Official Trailer?

The Disney+ animated series, Short Circuit has already been premiered on January 24th. So if you’ve missed out then all you need to do is stream it!

The films are available on Disney Plus.

And if you aren’t feeling the magic of this Disney+ Animated series already, watch the trailer here:

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