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McDonald’s Employee Fight With Customer

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For everyone who thought that McDonald’s was getting boring, here’s something to change your mind. Sometimes, you can even spot live cat fights while you devour your chicken nuggets. And honestly, for some people there could not be a better combo!

Recently, a video went viral online in which a McDonald’s employee and a customer were engaged in a physical fight. The customer who posted the video on Instagram added something of an explanation with it. She wrote that the customer had asked for a water cup. But the supervisor shut down the soda machine because she did not want to allow her to get a free soda. Two Instagram videos that contained the fight and the exchange before it were deleted later on.

Right before the fight broke out, the customer can be seen yelling at the employee behind the counter. The employee reciprocated and shouted back at her. Amidst all the shouting, the angry customer threw a french fry at her which triggered the employee to get physical.

The other clip shows that the employee emerges from behind the counter and charges in the direction of the customer. Unable to figure out what to do next, the customer threw a milkshake at the employee. The customer then hit the employee in the face with her tray as she approached close enough. But the employee was no less fierce either. She held her victim against the counter and repeatedly punched her in the face. She then yanks her and throws her in a booth. At this point, another employee tried to break both women apart. But even that backfired. To top it off, the other employee started hitting the customer as well. That’s not the end of it. Other workers intervene to pull the second employee off. The first one however continued to hit before she finally threw her into another booth by pulling her from her hair. As the employee starts to walk away, the customer pulled a chair and walks towards her. The video ends with the employee walking away and the customer getting back to her seat.

Even when nobody suffered any real physical damage, McDonald’s came quite into the negative limelight. The fast food chain owner has released an official statement saying that,

We do not condone the behavior depicted in this video, and are currently investigating.

The employee has been allowed to keep her job. However, Spokeswoman for Las Vegas Police shared that the customer has been issued a citation for misdemeanor battery and will appear in court later. The employee has seen that the video got viral all over social media and commented that people have been passing mean remarks. She explained herself saying that the woman had been talking smack for a long time. But she didn’t plan on attacking her till she freaked out as the customer approached her. The employee has a cut on her fist which she got from punching the lady in her teeth.

What needs to be noticed here is that when women were equally responsible for this unethical display, people mostly attribute the blame to the workers. Just because a person works somewhere is no reason for anybody else to degrade them. People usually care less about hurting the pride and respect of workers. Especially those who do not have high-profile jobs like waiters and cleaners. Let’s just realize that under no circumstances does any individual hold the right to hurt the feelings of another. And that valuing people regardless of their occupation should become common.Corporate brands should emphasize tolerance and customer care more in their employees. But then again, the rule of ‘Give respect to earn respect’ follows everywhere. We hope that the employee gets fair treatment when the results of the investigation come out.

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