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Tana Mongeau Perfume Bottle Rip-off?!

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TANA by Tana is a huge success. And this is evident from the fact that the new Tana Mongeau perfume got sold out within 76 minutes after launching. While the social media starlet celebrates her success, there is a little bump forming in her way. Some people have started pointing out that the perfume is a rip-off of something sold already at Hot Topic. Mongeau has tried to defend herself, but some claims against her perfumes’ originality are simply not backing down.

TANA by Tana, a Hot Topic rip-off?

The entire fiasco began when one Twitter user pointed out that Hot Topic had been selling the same perfume for years.

Mongeau was sharing her happiness after the success of her product:

But @footyjeansfors1 had something to say and was quite direct at it too. Yikes!


Well, someone put out the word that the perfume was not original and Hot Topic had been selling it for years.

Twitter @perplexed_hippie

Tana did respond, and she tried to do so calmly. While apparently trying not to cause offense to Hot Topic, she stated that her bottle is not “cheap tiny acrylic rollerball shit.”

According to Tana Mongeau, she loves the skull shape that embodies her brand and her self. She also went through 1000 different bottles until she found it. And it has super thick glass with metal details.

tana mongeau

But the skull shape isn’t original either?

This Twitter thread got even crazier when other users poured in with their opinions. According to some of them, this skull bottle has long been done before and is not original at all.

For instance,@cheyennepowelll shared a picture of a Crystal Head vodka bottle and said it resembles just like this.


Then another Twitter user @Anna_Miruana stated that she found this skull-shaped perfume in Germany and TANA by Tana had reminded her of it when she saw it.



Yet another person joined in to show another perfume look-alike and commented that nothing about Tana Mongeau perfume is original.


Someone even stated that the exact same bottles were available at Wish for 9 cents. However, Tana’s fans soon flocked in to defend her and encourage her again.

According to many of her supporters, it is just a bottle and it’s what inside that really matters. And the skull-shape is not owned by anyone so it’s not like she stole the idea.

In fact, YouTuber Oscar Wylde also came in to give his support and not let Tana get fazed by the hate.


Well, we agree with him. TANA by Tana is a huge success and little controversies come and go when anything gains popularity. You do you, Tana! We’re proud of you.

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