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Justin Bieber Seasons: What’s It All About?

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Pop sensation Justin Bieber has been highlighting 2020 as his year. And for good reason. The singer is all set to make his comeback after he canceled his Purpose tour in 2017. He has been throwing the hashtag #Bieber2020 for a while now. Because all the Beliebers should be very excited. The insightful 10 part docuseries by Justin Bieber ‘Seasons’ has started airing, and his fifth music album Changes is also due. To know more about what is in store, keep reading.

Justin Bieber Seasons

This new docuseries will be released in 10 parts and follows Justin Bieber making his new music album. The behind-the-scenes will give a deeper insight into Bieber’s world of music, marriage, and stardom.

The docuseries started airing on YouTube Originals from January 27th, 6 pm. Four episodes have premiered already so we know what the series is all about.

Actually it is more than just music-making. For Beliebers, Seasons is a must-watch. It features Justin Bieber’s real-time struggle to return to music after the abrupt cancelation of Purpose tour in 2017. It shows how the pop singer took the strength to return to music and why the new music album is so important.

Even his relationship with Hailey Baldwin is an important highlight of the docuseries as she appears constantly, which depicts their real-life relationship. In fact, it is a true representation of how Hailey loves and supports her husband Justin Bieber through it all.

Music Album ‘Changes’

Justin Bieber’s 2020 music album Changes will be his fifth official studio music album. And he has shared the release date.

Well, Justin Bieber Seasons and his upcoming new music album go hand-in-hand. Because the docuseries are an integral part to understand the new tracks, their making, and their meaning. It even contains previews and real-time jamming of the new tracks in music album Changes.

After all, this is Biebers’ first album after his young boy phase. His life has changed since being married, he has faced mental and physical health issues and has completely matured as a person.

To know this new, grown-up, married Justin Bieber and his life, you need to catch all the episodes of Seasons while waiting for the exciting new music album Changes to drop in February.

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