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Kathy Griffin Controversy

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Comedian Kathy Griffin has become fairly popular ever since her controversial pictures from a photoshoot came out. And she has faced the consequences of a prank gone wrong for a long period of time.

1 What Happened After Controversial Photoshoot

In the photo shoot, Kathy Griffin held up a bloody replica of President Trumps’ head. The picture went viral costing the comedian more than she had been expecting. Not only was she blacklisted from Hollywood, but also lost numerous commercial endorsements. Griffin also lost her job at CNN as one half of the New Year’s Eve broadcast with Anderson Cooper. Almost all of her gigs and shows across the country were canceled. A lot of friends even distanced themselves from Kathy Griffin including her former Bravo co-host Andy Cohen. He even replaced her on the sets of CNN.

Kathy Griffin even claimed that Andy Cohen had tried to give her cocaine backstage on his show just because he wanted to illustrate double standards. She would be fired if she did the same. Griffin shared that,

“If it was me [offering drugs backstage], somebody at Bravo would have said, ‘You have to go.’ When you’re a woman, you get one fuckup, and it’s over. When you’re a guy, you get chance after chance after chance.”

In an interview on ‘Late Night With Seth Meyers’, Kathy Griffin talked about the controversy that took over her life last year. Her life took all the unpredictable turns ever. From FBI investigations to White House Correspondents’ Dinner, Griffin has seen it all. She herself acknowledged this on the show saying,

“Can you believe it? A year ago, I’m under a federal investigation for conspiracy to assassinate the president of the United States — oh yeah, two-month federal investigation! — and then last weekend I get invited to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.”

On the show, Kathy Griffin addressed the photoshoot controversy giving an actual picture of what was behind it. She said that,

“I was just trying to make a statement, and truly did not think people would think it was an actual severed head, like I would go to a severed-head warehouse.”

2 Jim Carrey Offers Support

Kathy Griffin shared that when all this happened, she heard from Jim Carrey who asked her to use this in her favor. She was probably the most famous comedian in the world now, and she shouldn’t let it go. She even added that she requested for countries where people didn’t like President Trump for her shows. And she got 15 countries with 23 cities. To add another twist, she then renamed her tour ‘Laugh your Head Off’ tour.

The comedian added that all she was trying to do was make a statement. She wanted to shame President Trump. At that time, she shared her feelings saying that,

“I wanted to shame him. He’s such a misogynist and his policies are so disgusting. And for the rights of women and LGBT folks, and people of color, I was like ‘This guy is going down’.”

Lastly, Griffin also added that even though she issued an apology, she thinks the timing was too soon. And probably if this happened after the movement as #MeToo surfaced, things might have been less bad.

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