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All Tana Mongeau Personalities In TANA By Tana Commercial & More

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TANA by Tana is out, guys! Yes, the amazing new Tana Mongeau perfume that has everyone excited and going gaga. Well, the perfume got sold out within 76 minutes after it’s launch. So it was a huge success. It also came with a super cool commercial featuring the social media starlet Mongeau. And it has all her different personalities wrapped into one commercial. Keep reading to find out all the interesting deets about it.

Tana Mongeau different personalities in  perfume commercial

In her commercial for her new perfume, the star is seen talking to all the different versions of herself. Together, all the different versions brainstorm and reflect on their decisions together. The commercial is surely a unique take as the audience gets to know Mongeau like never before.

The first Tana is the regular one; she gathers all her other personalities to come up with a commercial for her new perfume. We also have a researcher, informative Tana with all the data about her target audience. And then there’s a drug-induced Tana.

She comes in and says: “Are you smoking weed?”

Then her hippie version with braided hair says: “Actually it’s CBD, it heightens my awareness.”

And then there’s even a gothic version who hates everyone. To complete all the personalities of the talented star, there’s a makeup addict, a social media influencer, a foodie, and even a depressed side of her.

Not only is it highly entertaining, but it’s a wonderful way in which she expressed all her different sides and inner voices as she makes important decisions.

Naming TANA by Tana and more

All the different personalities talk to each other, counteracting with various suggestions and clashing ideas as they name the new perfume. Well, there’s even a sleepy Tana. The weed lover suggests ‘Vibes’, the social media queen suggests ‘Verified’  the gothic one says ‘Death’ and the alcoholic one says ‘Bottle Service.’

And finally, the smart and informative one says,

“Guys wait! What about, TANA by Tana?”

Mongeau then comes on screen with a regular vlog to talk about her perfume. She shared that she is extremely excited about the launch and hasn’t felt this way since ages.

Her mental and physical health had been suffering and she was working on it too. The YouTube star shared that she was either ‘depressed or drained’. She talked about how she used to plaster a smile on her face while filming and doing projects before, and later the smile would come off. But this is finally something where she can honestly say she is happy and content.

In fact, she still has so much opening up to do regarding her mental health journey. However, right now she is just happy about this new venture. She shared her background growing up as “very poor.” She used to like the “hooker” type scents and slowly graduated to better perfumes or higher-end versions of those hooker perfumes.

Her journey with perfume was something close to her and she remembers desperately wanting Britney Spears or Paris Hilton perfumes. For Mongeau, curating her own perfume and having people want to smell like her is crazy and unbelievable.

For Mongeau, this perfume is a life-changing part of her life, and she is extremely enthusiastic about this new business. We’re so happy for Mongeau and we hope she gets more success in the future.

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