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Adam Driver Comes As Kylo Ren On SNL As An Undercover Leader

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What would you do if the world’s most terrifying boss decided to take on an undercover role to check up on his employees? Kylo Ren might be the Supreme Leader of the First Order. But that doesn’t mean he won’t be checking on his employees. When trying to command a whole galaxy through an armada of ships, the least he can do is tend to his workforce and their feelings towards their leader. Watch as Adam Driver hosts the Saturday Night Live and see what the Sith has in mind.

Adam Driver as Kylo Ren in SNL

Once again taking on the role of Supreme Leader Kylo Ren, Adam Driver kept his dark lord persona in the whole segment. Ren wants to do better with the people working directly for the First Order, and he wants to know them better. So he decides to become an Entry Level intern, someone no one will ever suspect or give a second look. Little did he know that he would also have to bear with the shitty attitude his staff workers throw at all the interns.

Adam Driver’s Kylo Ren starts off with asking people if Rey is going to take the hand of the supreme leader if he asks for the second time. He gets visibly offended when one of them replied, “who cares”, almost revealing his cover. Watch the whole video below:

Notice how out of all the people inside Kylo’s ship and one First Order trooper who was only inches away from figuring out it’s actually the boss? And how mad do you have to be to take the name of Luke Skywalker in a ship where the Supreme Leader actually sits? Driver’s Kylo Ren went really easy on the woman by only putting his lightsaber through her.

There’s More…

Adam Driver was not done with Saturday Night Live after his Kylo Ren segment. He appeared once again, this time being a ketchup bottle. The scenes show what happened in this particular marriage of ketchup with another. Where one bottle was about to marry another until something heartbreaking revelations come:

Adam Driver stars in his latest story alongside Scarlett Johansson in Netflix’s Marriage Story. Do catch him there!

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