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Blake Lively’s Connection To The Music Industry

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Popular Gossip Girl star Blake Lively had almost everything in the world. Married to her loving husband- Ryan Reynolds with two beautiful children. But seems like there is more to the picture.She also holds a special connection to the music industry! Here’s how!

The actress is even connected to the music industry and not just Hollywood. And there’s more than just one reason to say that!

Back in November, Taylor Swift’s song ‘Gorgeous’ came out off her sixth studio album Reputation. At the start of the song, there is a baby intro voice. It comes from none other than James Reynolds- Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds three-year old daughter. Taylor Swift herself acknowledged this in the credits for the album. Even before Swift herself announced this, fans were already suspecting that something was up. Before the song came out, Taylor Swift shared a preview on Instagram. Both Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively liked it.

More importantly, a fan who attended Swift’s secret sessions of the intimate album listening revealed on Twitter that both Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively were present with their children. While Taylor Swift played the song on the beach, James Reynolds kept saying ‘Gorgeous’ over and over again. And that made Swift seek permission where she could use that audio for her album.

Fans went absolutely crazy over the situation considering that Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ family was already considered goals.

James Reynolds is just three and already a part of the most anticipated music album of the year. But she’s different from other celebrity children in the industry. Beyonce or DJ Khaled’s kids appear on their parents songs. James Reynolds has secured herself a place in Taylor Swift’s major music release and that’s just simply great.

However, James is not the only reason that keeps Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds connected to the music industry. What fewer people know about the Gossip Girl actress is that she has a family connection to Disney.

She is directly related to Bart Johnson. If the name doesn’t click, he was Coach Bolton- Zac Efron’s dad in the High School Musical. Johnson is married to Blake Lively’s sister Robyn, which makes her his sister-in-law. Bart Johnson even refers to Lively as his sister and best friend.

Blake and Bart had a reunion at Ryan Reynolds’ Hollywood Walk of Fame star ceremony. Bart Johnson even wrote an Instagram post dedicated to the two where he appreciated Reynolds’ hard work and success.

Blake Lively and the High School Musical dad are actually pretty close in real life. They frequently connect with each other on their social media accounts. And thankfully, Bart is nothing like Zac Efron’s dad in the real world. In fact, he along with Lively and Reynolds is known to be the joker of the family.

If there was anything that could further perfect Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ family, that’s done too. Their officially a part of the music industry now!

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