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Taylor Swift’s Sexual Assault Case Motivated Her To Speak About Politics

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Taylor Swift’s sexual assault story is not new, in fact, two years old. It was back in 2018 when David Mueller and she went on a legal battle worth $3 million dollars on a sexual assault case, from which Swift refused to back out. The singer of the year talked about this at the premiere of her Netflix documentary Miss Americana at Thursday’s Sundance Film Festival in Utah.

What Does Taylor Swift Have To Say About Her Sexual Assualt Story?

“You don’t feel a sense of any victory when you win because the process is so dehumanizing.”

The legal battle dates back to 2013’s greet-and-meet when Mueller, a DJ, allegedly groped Taylor Swift. Swift’s allegations led to the DJ losing his job and career, after which he filed a defamation case against her for $3 million. Luckily, Swift was able to dismiss the case and then file a countersuit for $ 1.00 for sexual assault. The famous story got a lot of traction. Swift not only won the suit but also proved to people all around the world that it is more about sending a message, not the money.

Though Taylor Swift sent a strong message through her own sexual assault. She claims that there is not a single “man” in her organization and family who can understand what she went through. She as far as described it a horrible experience.

“I had all the privilege in the world; financial support and the ability to pay for a brilliant lawyer. I won that trial, but without all that, I didn’t know what would happen. It taught me so much and it was the women in my life who were there every single day going into court.”

But What About Politics?

Taylor Swift linked her sexual assault tragedy to describe how events reflect opinions and define what happens in our life. Apparently, there is a scene in the documentary where her dad, Scott, is afraid about her safety after she spoke up against Marsha Blackburn. She sided with Phil Bredesen and told her dad that she is continuing even if he doesn’t forgive her.

Swift knows what it is like to be at an unequal side. She, therefore, gives support out to the LGBTQ-supporting groups who are trying to fight for their rights.

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