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PewDewPie Apologizes for Joke Against Demi Lavato

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YouTube star PewDewPie has apologized for making a joke out of Demi Lovato’s drug overdose and hospitalization. PewDewPie made a meme on the singer’s situation. But the huge social media backlash forced him to take it off.

PewDiePie’s offensive joke

PewDewPie, originally known as Felix Kjellberg attempted to be creative about the whole thing. The meme showed Demi Lovato asking her mom for money to buy a burger. But instead, she went on to get heroin. Soon, social media took over and made the YouTuber see the error of his ways. He was not just forced to take it down, but even issued an apology. From his official Twitter account, he posted an explanation admitting that it was insensitive of him to joke about it. He added that he had removed the meme and wanted to apologize.

Demi Lovato was found unresponsive at her house last week after an apparent drug overdose. The singer had been previously addicted but spent time in rehab. She remained sober for a long while before she finally relapsed. Her friends treated her with Naloxone, which is used to reverse the effects of drug overdoses. Friends and family wanted to keep the whole thing quiet. And definitely not make jokes out of it on social media as PewDewPie did. While calling 911 for an ambulance, Demi Lovato’s friends requested paramedics to come without sirens. Her family wants to provide her with a clean and safer environment where she can once again fight drug abuse.

The struggle of Demi Lovato

What Demi Lovato went through was pretty hard in itself. Drug abuse, disappointing family and friends, suffering rehab and going through depression to get over an addiction is more difficult than it sounds. The pop star was finally able to recover but fell back into it. If anything she needs love and support. And obviously not cruel mocking memes or unnecessary hype created out of her real troubles. Being a celebrity already gives you very little shelter in terms of your private affairs. Rather than being with her and helping her get good and strong again, desensitizing the whole situation is totally unethical.

It seems like PewDewPie has a history of making jokes out of scenarios that he has to apologize for later. This is not the first time that his Internet activities made him issue an apology online. PewDewPie has a YouTube channel with more than 64.5 million subscribers. Back in September, the star regretted using the ‘n-word’ during a live video. He said that he was an idiot to let that happen. In February last year, YouTube and Disney’s Maker Studios actually had to take him off. And that too because he posted an anti-Semitic video. Later, he just said that it was a joke gone too far.

Insensitive jokes aren’t funny

What needs attention here is YouTubers, celebrities, and stars really need to realize that insensitivity and cruelty are never funny. There is a fine line between joking and offending, and it should always be remembered. With the Internet taking over our lives, we have developed the habit of finding fun is making fun of others. It sounded well till people were mocking Trump’s policies, but with personal attacks, jokes on rape, drug abuse, and harassment, we’ve all gone a step too far. Celebrities and social media stars who have an influence on wider audiences should monitor what they post. These are the people who set trends and should do it with more thought. Let’s all realize that it’s possible to be funny while being humane and having a heart.

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