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Real Life Friendships Of You Season 2 Cast

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Hello, You. Season 2 of You ended with so many twists and turns, and yet another new stranger that Joe is about to get obsessed with. You season 2 was also different because the new characters were very interesting, each with their unique personalities. Apart from Penn Badgley as ‘Joe Goldberg’ and Victoria Pedretti as ‘Love Quinn’, the entire cast was phenomenal. And guess what? Their off-screen bonding and friendship is amazing too. Read on to find out all the real-life friendships/relationships between the cast of You.

Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti

First up are Joe Goldberg and Love Quinn; the two love-birds in You Season 2. These two had the most amazing chemistry on the screen and very similar chemistry in real life too.

Their real-life friendship is evident from a recent video where Penn Badgley and the rest of the cast together try to prank Victoria Pedretti. In fact, all of them are super fun and completely in sync together. Penn tells Ambyr Childers (Candace Stone) to try and scare Victoria. But it doesn’t work.

Then, her on-screen brother Forty Quinn (James Scully) takes an attempt to scare her. But that does not work either.

This is such a wholesome video that depicts how adorable the cast is, even off the sets of You Season 2.

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James Scully and Carmela Zumbado

Forty Quinn (James Scully) and Delilah Alves (Carmela Zumbado) are two interesting, new characters on You Season 2.

Both of them have bold, outspoken, rebellious and fun personalities. We loved these new additions to the You family.

And apparently, the two are really good real-life friends too. This appreciation post from James Scully to Carmela Zumbado shows it:

Jenna Ortega & Carmela Zumbado

The two sisters have a strong bond on the show and they also depict the real-life relationship between sisters that most of us can relate to.

Well, it turns out they have the same sisterly bond in reality too. And that’s so adorable!

When Carmela took over Netflix You Instagram stories, she did a Q/A where she said that Jenna is her most favorite actress ever and she learned so much from her. She even said that all of her favorite scenes were the ones they did together.

Carmela shared that she did not know anyone in the cast before, but all of them; Penn, Victoria, James, Jenna became actual, real friends in no time.

Ambyr Childers and James Scully

Another duo of cuteness, fun, and friendship is that of James Scully and Ambyr Childers. Ambyr plays the role of Candace Stone who seeks revenge from Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley.) James and Ambyr played an on-screen couple on the show.

These two also have a special real-life bond. In an Instagram takeover, James Scully and Ambyr Childers were goofing around and cracking funny jokes about what Forty and Candance would name their baby. James then showed everyone a present that Amber got him- a super cool silver pendant and chain.

We have one word: goals!

The entire cast of You Season 2 is full of love, life, and happiness! It is clear how much they value the bond they discovered with each other on the show and now in real life. We love each one of them!

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