Mr. Peanutbutter from Bojack Horseman Dead?!

Mr. Peanutbutter from Bojack Horseman Dead?!

Is Mr. Peanutbutter from Netflix animated series ‘Bojack Horseman’ dead?! Well, news and speculation were around that the famous happy-go-lucky goofy dog Mr. Peanutbutters’ character would be killed soon. Well, this may be true because Bojack Horseman said so himself. And we were taken aback! Well, we aren’t the biggest Mr. PB fans but we definitely don’t want the chirpiest character on the show… dead! Keep reading to find out more.

Bojack Horseman says RIP to Mr. Peanutbutter?

Bojack Horseman, our favourite animated talking horse is quite fond of Twitter and is very active on the social media platform. There, he shared the news of the demise of Mr. Peanut. And who else is it than our funny dog-man on the show?

This is not really a surprise. In the last few episodes of the first part of the final season, we were leading up to this. Mr. Peanutbutter had started wondering if he was facing depression. And he also became the national face of depression.

Well, many fans started speculating his suicide or death in the show as it would be the least expected one, plot-wise. And with the final episodes releasing in a few more days, these speculations are on an all-time high.

So Bojack Horseman suddenly sent out thoughts and prayers to Mr Peanuts family. And with his habitual satire, added: “if he has a family or not, I’m not actually sure”

He tweeted:

Or is it Mr Peanut?

We’re sorry guys. We’re just playing with you all and having some fun banter. The reality is that we also missed the catch at first. And clearly, Mr Bojack Horseman has a knack for being funny and making weird jokes.

Mr. Peanutbutter is okay so far. The one on our favourite show Bojack Horseman, that is.

Bur Mr. ‘Peanut’ is dead, unfortunately. In case you didn’t know he was the 104-year-old mascot of the Planters Snack Food company who was killed in the latest commercial.

Bojack Horseman was just sad about the death of Mr. Peanut. And we think he also used that to tease us a little! Just some fun and games, guys.

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