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Kylie Jenner Does Kim Kardashian’s Makeup

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The Kardashians are true beauty queens and also super fun. And with their makeup lines, they are the best style icons for inspiration and perfect looks. Recently, Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner got together for a fun activity. Kylie did her older sister Kims’ makeup and the two enjoyed so much. Well, so did we. Here’s all that happened!

Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian were planning this since ages

So the two shared that they wanted to create a fun video like this for a long time. And they were planning to do it since forever. Kim said she wanted to capture this whole routine on camera.

Kylie shared that she had been trying to make it happen for three years. So the sisters were very happy and excited about filming together.

So Kylie was presented as ‘The MUA’ while sister Kim Kardashian was getting herself dolled up.

Kylie Jenner makeup game ft. bonding sesh

Kylie Jenner shared that she is giving Kim the everyday glam she does on herself. She also added that she’s not “your average makeup artist.”

As she did the makeup, the sister duo also answered some fun questions. Such as “What’s the best advice Kim has given you?” and “how did she feel about having so many people interested in her fridge.” About the fridge, Kim said she was simply posing for a picture in front of the drink fridges. And when people started saying there was no food and she’s starving her kids, she had to take the matter seriously.

Kylie started applying the foundation on Kim’s face using a blender. Meanwhile, she shared her first crush was ‘Sharkboy’ whereas Johnny Depp was Kims’.

Then Kim shared her favorite thing about Kylie’s daughter Stormi. That is when she says “yes” and Kim finds her way of saying it so clear and cute. She also loves how she can bribe her with anything.

Then Kylie shared what she loves about Chicago; she loves taking pictures.

KKW Contour Sticks & upcoming eyeshadows

Kylie Jenner then used Kim Kardashian’s beauty line KKW’s contour stick in the shade medium. They also answered, “who does Kris Jenner love more”. And like all sisters, they both thought she liked the other one better. And finally agreed that she likes them the same. So cute!

Kim even shared that Kylie loved to dance like Shakira when she was young. Then Kylie used the new KKW Disguise eyeshadow palette in ‘Bronze Heaven’ that launches on January 24th.

Then she sprayed her Kylie Cosmetics spray that took some while to work (and it was so natural and cute how this was part was not cut out.) She brightened Kims’ eyes’ inner corners. Then she used the mini lip duo ‘Girls Trip’  launching on Kylie Cosmetics on January 22nd.

The look was complete and Kim Kardashian looked stunning. The girls took a selfie-and Kylie pulled out one of Kims’ lashes by mistake which she kept as a souvenir. The Kardashian sisters are beautiful inside out.  And this was a super fun video you need to watch!

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