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Season 2 of High School Musical TV Series move away from Disney movies

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The High School Musical: The Musical: The Series just finished its first season. It is now available to watch on Disney+ after just a small annual subscription fee. The series was renewed for season 2 and it seems that plots are already underway. In an interview with the Digital Spy, Tim Federle, the show-runner for High School Musical, The Musical The Series, talks season 2 possibilities and plans.

The High School Musical: The Musical: The Series Season 1 plot.

So, in the first season, we see the students of East High gather together to work on a winter musical based on the original High School Musical movies. Cast members like Olivia Rodrigo (Nina), Joshua Basset (Richard Bowen) and Matt Cornett (E.J Caswell) prepare for the musical. Although they face many problems on the way, the Season 1 finale, episode 10 shows how it all works out in the end. The playwrights have the show oozing with the essence of the original series. As Tim Federle says himself;

So for me, I wanted season 1 to feel super self-referential, and winky, and to capture some of the tone of, like, Summer Heights High, my favourite TV show of all time.

Since he was keen to keep the show sticking to the originals the show was pretty relatable. The first season’s plotline is also helpful in gathering the old High School Musical fan base for the show.

However, now it seems that Tim Federle has different plans.

The Season 2 plot | What to expect

His first words regrading the High School Musical The Musical The Series Season 2 plot were:

(we have room to possibly) veer away from some of the original franchise, and start, I think, kind of flexing our own muscles.

He further added that the change will make the audience curious.

And I also, you know… we’re starting to circle in on what the title of this next musical is going to be, and I think that audiences are going to get excited, and wonder, ‘How are they going to pull that off because it’s such a departure?’

However, he did say that it is impossible not to have any bits and references from the Original High School Musical Movies.

Because we’re still the High School Musical school, it’s hard for me to imagine season 2 not including some wink or even a musical element to the original franchise.

That’s interesting! Stay tuned to find more updates on the Season 2 of the High School Musical

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