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Orange is the New Black now streaming!

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Netflix original series, Orange Is The New Black, is back with a sixth season. And it’s already streaming! The prison-based drama is ready to send the inmates of the Litchfield Women’s Correctional Facility to max-prison security. And there they faced serious charges for the Litchfield riots. Thirteen episodes of the new edition are up and ready to stream.

Orange Is The New Black gave away the news of streaming becoming available themselves from the official Twitter account.

Orange Is The New Black started as a comedy drama back in 2013. In the first season, Piper Chapman played by Taylor Schilling is sent to prison in the very first season. But with the latest season here, the scenes have altered a bit. Piper and his mates are transferred to Max- the maximum security facility. But then things take a turn as a three-day riot is incited after Poussey Washington played by Samira Wiley dies. As a consequence, high-profile prisoners who were rebellious are sent to a segregated custody. There they have ample time as investigations are done to punish the women responsible for Litchfield’s rebellion. Right as season six is welcomes, two guards are found dead after the emergency response team stormed Litchfield.

Orange Is The New Black has returned with some changes that you’ll see as your stream the latest season. Even when according to Orange’s world, only 10 days have gone by from the finale of the last season to the first few ones of this one. But the show is not playing in 2018. And that’s not what only changed. The locations and the prisons have shifted too. As the characters make reference to Trump policies and the #MeToo movements, it’s clear that they didn’t pick up where they left.

Regarding this, the executive producer for Orange Is The New Black shared that,

To be able to be that topical was very exciting this year. It’s a tricky thing. We started to get a little bit looser with it in season five, but for the first four seasons we really tried to be mindful with our references. There is this clock on the show because of Piper’s sentence, but then we also want to be able to be topical.

But doesn’t that really spoil the feel of the show? Not to mention that it is terribly hard to keep tracks of two clocks at once, but it also gets frustrating catching up from somewhere where you didn’t leave. And that’s made even more difficult as the show has not decided what time they are living in. Even when it’s the political climate for 2018, some references are made keeping in view that the show is behind in time. So can anyone figure out what the writers are trying to do here?

Nonetheless, Orange Is The New Black is back. And fans could just not be more excited. Twitter exploded with reactions right after they announced that it can be streamed.

A lot of us are already hoping for season seven with a greater number of episodes!

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