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Why Paul Wesley Respects Joaquin Phoenix

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The Screen Actors Guild Awards are all the rage this week. With actors winning and partying, there has been a lot to report. However, here’s a fun fact about Joaquin Phoenix, he skipped the after-party at Sunset Tower for an entirely unrelated cause. So, Phoenix is Joker from the groundbreaking 2019 hit film, Joker. Joaquin Phoenix won ‘Best Male Actor In A Leading Role’ at the SAG Awards. Paul Wesley; Stephan Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries; shows his respect towards the man for his action of skipping the party!

Why Paul Wesley is proud of Joaquin Phoenix

As the SAG Awards ended, all the stars were guided into the People Magazine after party. While the other stars enjoyed the party, Joaquin seemed to be in a hurry to get somewhere. So, as soon as the time came to change the venue for the next party, thrown by Netflix, Joaquin skipped the gathering. He redirected his route to  Vernon California. He was heading to a local slaughterhouse. The Los Angeles Animal Save had organized a protest featuring Animal Rights Activists.

Paul himself is all about animal rights. Ironic what with his infamous ‘bunny’ diet on The Vampire Diaries.

The slaughterhouse was receiving delivery of pigs to be a victim to slaughter and then food. The protest usually provides water and feed for the animals and attempts to get them out.

Joaquin is known to keep a low profile in the public. He rarely ever talks to the press. But here, Joaquin made an exception as he addressed fellow human rights activist and former CNN reporter Jane’s press member; Renee Marinkovich.

Most people don’t really know of the torture and murder in the meat and dairy industry. I’ve seen it for what it is, so I have to be here. We have moral obligations to talk about it and expose it for what it really is. We are so indoctrinated with these happy images of animals on farms, on the covers of meat containers, at restaurants, and it’s a lie. I think people need to know the truth and we have an obligation to do that.

Well, we understand why Paul Wesley is proud of the man. It’s not every day you see infamous celebrities leaving the glam parties for a good cause!

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