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Ninja & Other YouTubers React To Fortnite’s New Competitive Rules

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Interesting, quite interesting indeed. Certainly not for pro players. Epic Games are out to poke a stick at Fortnite players yet again as they release an important blog regarding game changes. This blog talks about new rules that are in effect on January  20. These have raised quite a few disgruntled noises from the gaming community. Even Ninja, the guy who tries to reason with the game, its updates, and methodologies, does not find it any better than the others.

Epic Adds New Rules…

Epic Games really want to make this game better for everyone, but the things they are working on are quite the opposite of what they want. Their recent blog update has taken on some criticism from the like of Tyler “Ninja” Blevin, Sypher PK, and others. While you can read what Epic has to say about Fortnite’s game changes, let us give you a short version.

Basically, in a bid to stop teaming in competitive gameplay, Epic Games have put forward new rules to stop and penalize players. They are calling this “Competitive Fortnite’s Collusion Rule”.

“Players may not work together to deceive or otherwise cheat other players during any match (“Collusion”).”

There are instances where opposing players tend to signal to each other to stop fighting and head for the zone since the battle is already going for a stalemate. Epic is calling this communication. There are a number of ways players communicate to signal others to not shoot them because it is not a good time for both of them. Epic has banned all such maneuvers:

“For 2020, we are taking action against any kind of in-game communication between opponents via signaling in official tournament matches. This includes, but is not limited to: Pick-axe swinging, Emoting, Toy tossing and Jumping.”

…But Ninja And His Colleagues Don’t Like It

Ninja, along with several other professional players are not liking this at all. While we can avoid the rest of the things, jumping is something that none of us can. Jumping to the next zone in open map areas is essential in trying to avoid sniper shots beamers via ARs. Tyler Blevin made public his thoughts on Twitter:

Even one of the world’s top players, BenjyFishy has raised some concerns over this:

And here is Sentinal’s Animal:

Does Fortnite and Epic Games have a response to this reaction from Ninja and others? Or will they maintain silence like the whole season?

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