Spenser Confidential Trailer Is Out Now With Wahlberg & Post Malone

Spenser Confidential Trailer Is Out Now With Wahlberg & Post Malone

Mark Wahlberg is back in another movie with director Peter Berg. The two seem to have some sort of strong partnership as they have worked together in a number of titles. This action-comedy will be another one in the list which includes Lone Survivor, Patriots Day, Deepwater Horizon, and Mile 22. Titled “Spenser Confidential”, its trailer is out now and reveals a comedic touch to the film. According to Berg, Wahlberg’s role will find himself in a pretty tough spot as he gets beat from every corner in this one. Netflix will release the movie in March.

Spenser Confidential’s Trailer Is Out

Ellen DeGeneres first shared Spenser Confidential’s trailer on her show. Later, Netflix released it to the whole world. You can watch it below:

Spenser confidential trailer, Mark Wahlberg

As the trailer shows, Spenser Confidential features Mark Wahlberg alongside Winston Duke. Sean O’Keefe is on the scripts and the story is taken from Ace Atkins’ best-selling novel, “Wonderland”. Interestingly, this movie storyline is now new as it was back in 1985 when Robert Ulrich first appeared in “Spenser: For Hire” in an ABC’s TV show.

Cast, Release Date and Story

Spenser Confidential is releasing on March 6, 2020, and will star Post Malone, Iliza Shlesinger, Alan Arkin, Bokeem Woodbine, Donald Cerrone, and Cassie Ventura.

Looking at the movie’s trailer here is what we understand.

Spenser is an ex-cop who gets out from prison. Ready to leave Boston for good, he first has to help his old mentor and a boxing coach (Alan Arkin) train an amateur, Hawk (Winston Duke). Then, Spenser’s former colleagues are murdered, and so he recruits the amateur along with his ex-girlfriend (Iliza Shlesinger) to help him investigate.

There is comedy here, and there is action. Both of which Wahlberg has done to great amounts. Just look at the guy’s resume which has movies like Ted and Lone Survivor in it. Spenser Confidential is coming out soon. Let’s see what the movie has to offer!

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