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Cardi B Cancels Her Tour with Bruno Mars

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Singer Cardi B has just called off all her shows with Bruno Mars on his 24k magic tour. The tour was scheduled for Fall 2018, but the new mom is not ready to get back into business.

Recently, Cardi B made an Instagram post revealing why she had to cancel out on Bruno Mars. The singer admitted that she committed to Bruno Mars after speculating that six weeks would be enough to recover after delivery. She was expecting she’ll be able to take baby Kulture with her on the tour. But turns out that doctors believe its unhealthy for the baby to travel. Leaving her behind is not an option for her, and being a mommy is definitely more important here. Cardi B hoped that her fans would be as supportive as Bruno Mars was. She thanked him for understanding the whole situation and cooperating with her. He was mentioned in both her Instagram posts as well as the tweets.

Bruno Mars was actually a sport about it. Even if he has to adjust his tour accordingly, he made a tweet announcing that he would play Bodak Yellow every night to honor Cardi B. He even sent out a public message for her assuring Cardi B that her family’s health mattered more to him. And that he knew that the singers will share the stage together when the right time comes. Bruno Mars and Cardi B have previously collaborated for Finesse. Not just Mars, but a lot of us out here are waiting for them to perform together again.

Cardi B gave birth to a baby daughter earlier this month. After a life filled with abuse and hardships, the singer lately got a few reasons to celebrate. While she was pregnant, she continued to perform till the end of April. Then she announced that she would take a break. And her return to the industry was due on this tour with Bruno Mars.

By the looks of it, Cardi B is struggling with her motherhood. Not to doubt her- we are sure that she will be an amazing mom. But probably the overwhelming feelings of having her first baby and the responsibility that comes along is getting a bit too much to handle. In an interview with People, Cardi B shared that it kept her so busy that she was almost always tired. And that no matter how many books you read, you can never be ready for the ‘mom-mode’. Even though the singer had help from her mom and sister, she wanted to enjoy every moment of it. Even more because she knew that once she returns back to work, there will be less of it.

The new mom is definitely tough. Cardi B has been handling her baby without a nanny. She knows she’ll have to find one when she gets back to work. But till she absolutely has to, Cardi B is not ready to let the baby out of her sight.

Nobody could blame Cardi B for not going on to her tour with Bruno Mars. Motherhood does bring a lot of stress and responsibilities. And dealing with them is hard for anybody. Cardi B is not the only one to take an extended maternity break. In fact, she might be brave that she thought 6 weeks was all she needed to recover. If anything, Kate Middleton took an extremely long maternity leave after giving birth to Prince Louis. The Duchess had to keep adding time to her leave as she thought it was too soon to return to royal duties.

So, if Cardi B has done it, it’s no big deal either. The new mommy really needs rest!

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