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Tana Mongeau Sad on Lia Marie Johnson Case

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Social media starlet Lia Marie Johnson is someone everyone is worried about. Her followers, fans, and some public figures raised their concerns regarding the safety of the 23-year-old. This happened after a series of events. The young stars’ online presence showed she was frequently intoxicated. Most recently, Lia was in a shady situation with her much-older music producer. Tana Mongeau is among those who expressed her sadness for Lia’s situation.

Lia Marie Johnson is not okay

The young girl has been under the influence of high levels of alcohol and drugs. These have caused her to act in strange ways on Instagram live stories, thus leaving her fans worried. Many viewers comment about her apparent unstable mental state, and how she never looks quite okay.

Recently, Lia was filming a live video while consuming alcohol a few weeks ago. She was clearly not in her senses when suddenly her music producer started asserting himself on her.  Not realizing they were recording, he started making out with her.

This was a very uncomfortable scenario for everyone to watch online. In fact, it worried a lot of people. Even the hashtag #iamariejohnson was trending. This helped raise awareness to ensure her safety.

Tana Mongeau is sad for her and wants to help

In a new tweet, Youtuber and reality show star Tana Mongeau expressed her concern for Lia Marie Johnson.

She wrote:

She shared her sadness and also asked her followers how they can together help her.

In fact, many of her followers appreciated her for voicing out the issue. And for feeling deeply for another social media star.


Some people actually had some important and useful suggestions.



It’s good to see how the power of social media can help people raise a voice, unite together, give valuable suggestions, and collectively try to help someone who is in need of it.

We truly hope that Lia Marie Johnson is okay and that she finds the light.

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