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New Details of Marvel’s The Eternals Revealed!

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Marvel’s The Eternals is probably going to be the most-awaited franchise for Marvels. Not only does it feature a dozen of celebrities including Angelina Jolie, Kit Harrington, Kumail Nanjiani, and Robert Madden. Its film set pictures are also hyping the fans. The producers and filmmakers are doing their best to keep the filming locations a secret, but sometimes real locations are considered in order to give practical effects. This is when fans and paparazzi get a chance to see and record a single glimpse of the actors at work. Interestingly, in a recent video by a fan, we can see a bunch of extras in a scene which can definitely mean something.

Marvel’s The Eternals In Camden Town

In this video, we can see that the scenes are from Camden Town, UK (if there is not any other), because of the pinned location in front. Shot at night time, there’s a group of extras who are running away from something that will happen in The Eternals. They are looking back, and towards the sky, as they try to get away from something or someone. We cannot possibly know who this thing, or being, can be, but it is probably not looking good for the public. Take a look at the video below:

According to Comicbook, this scene can feature The Deviants as well as the arrival of a Celestial. If they are looking towards the sky while running away, then it is probably something big or not good.

But this is not the only video that has come for the upcoming Marvel’s The Eternals. Fan accounts have posted several other videos on their own channels and accounts as well. For example, this set is from the Canary Islands.

Meanwhile, in this tweet below you can see Angelina Jolie in her costume, walking in some sort of a pond for one of her scenes for The Eternals. This time, we do not know the location.

Kevin Feige claimed that Marvel’s The Eternals is a big and expensive movie. The film is coming to theatres on November 6, 2020.

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