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Joker Got 11 Nominations| Did it deserve them?

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Joker, a comic book film about the Batman villain, was the big success story when the Oscars 2020 nominations were announced but did it really deserve that many nominations? Joker led all contenders with 11 Oscar nominations in total, including Best Picture, Best Actor (Joaquin Phoenix), Best Director (Todd Phillips), and a host of technical awards.

While “Joker” is, indisputably, a good movie, it doesn’t really seem worthy of the 11 nominations it scored from the Academy this year. And the following are the reasons why.

Its Nomination Undermines Other Talent

The focus on “Joker” means that equally-deserving actors didn’t get any nominations. This including Adam Sandler for his unforgettable performance in “Uncut Gems”. There’s also the fact that Phoenix, a white man, is already well represented in the Oscars race. Instead, the Academy could have also recognized standout “Parasite” actors Choi Woo-Shik or Kang-Ho Song. However, Joaquin Pheonix’s nomination in the best category is not what’s irking us. The man deserves the nomination and even if he loses, which we highly doubt, it is his award to lose.

Best Director was a Waste

Half of what makes a good movie is a director. Though Phillips is a good director, there were better options that could have been nominated. *coughs* female directors  * cough*

The jury is still out on whether we think Joker deserved the best screenplay nomination, however, we’re pretty sure that Joker won’t win this category.

Is Joker the Best Film of the Year?

There was no doubt that the movie was going to get the best film nomination however, it’s a whole other story if it’ll win this category or not. And we’re betting on not. It’ll be a very bold choice and a wrong one if it does win. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is most likely to win because the Academy loves movies about Hollywood.

The Ones that Joker Did Deserve

The movie also got a nomination for best original score. The movie’s score is haunting, unique and beautiful – another aspect of the film that few critics would debate. And the woman behind the magic is Hildur Guðnadóttir who has taken home both the Golden Globe and Critics’ Choice Award in this category. It’ll be a real shocker if Joker doesn’t win this category.

The other nod that Joker deserves without a doubt is the best cinematography. Even with divided reviews, most critics agreed that it was a technically beautiful film. The biggest impediment here is definitely 1917, which was shot to look like one extended take. The last major film to pull that trick was Birdman, which also won this award.

So, in conclusion out of the 11 categories of the Oscar nominations, Joker fits phenomenally in only 5 of them. 11 really was a stretch.

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