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The Weeknd Music Video of Blinding Lights Coming

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So we told you guys that The Weeknd is releasing something special in two days. Abel Tesfaye had hinted it saying “couple days” and we just knew that something amazing was in store for us. Well, we know what it is now. It’s The Weeknd Blinding Lights music video! Keep reading to find out more.

The Weeknd Blinding Lights

Blinding Lights is the second single that The Weeknd dropped earlier. The song totally banged because of its amazing melody, Abel’s powerful vocals, and the fun beats that make you want to sway and dance to it. The track received even more attention as it was featured in the latest Mercedez-Benz EQ campaign. Starring The Weeknd, the track was a part of a short video for the ad of the new Mercedez Electric.

The song Blinding Lights is also the fifth most popular song on Spotify, in the Top 50 Global charts. Hence, it has been a worldwide success.

However, the song did not have a dedicated music video yet. And fans had been asking The Weeknd to release it for some time.

The Music Video Is Coming

So when two days ago, The Weeknd was teasing us again when he said “couple days” we kinda knew it. It was clear to us Weeknders that he is about to drop the Blinding Lights music video. And we were right.

The musician confirmed this today when he tweeted: “Tomorrow”


He also shared a snippet from the upcoming music video to tease his fans some more.

Well, Abel can’t ever stop playing games with us. He tweeted an update a few hours ago. The video will be dropping at “10 am my time” he says.

So “my time” is another way for Abel Tesfaye to tease us. We don’t know where he is right now and what the time-zone is. And as always, his fans rushed in to respond and share some banter.


YES, like seriously.


Well, The Weeknd Blinding Lights music video will be out soon. In just a few more hours of waiting, we will finally watch it. And we are just as excited as you all are!

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