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Underrated Musicians On YouTube You Need To Check Out

While exploring the musical world of Spotify and YouTube, you might come across the same famous musicians over and over again. It does get boring at times, you have got to admit. So, finding something new and fresh is something we’re always searching for! Here are some of the most underrated musicians you have to check out on Youtube. You might have heard of them before:  Jared Evan Matt Jaffe and Robert Dobbs.

Matt Jaffe

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Matt Jaffe is is part of the musical rock & roll group The Distractions. With a distinctive raspy voice and rhythmic tunes, he’s definitely worth a listen. As you keep listening to his songs, you find great sounds that wonder to yourself why doesn’t everyone know about him. Matt Jaffe’s music career really got going when Talking Heads’ Jerry Harrison produced Matt’s first record. Afterwards, Matt Jaffe went on to be the opening gig for many popular musical performers such as Wilco, Blues Traveler and Mavis Staples. We can see a bright future for Jaffe!

Robert Dobbs

sddefault underrated musicians, Matt Jaffe, Robert Dobbs, Jared Evan

A rich voice and catchy instrumental music accompanying it makes you think that Robert Dobbs is one of those underrated musicians that will garner plenty of success in the near future. Robert Dobbs, whose real name was Luis Roberto Mendoza, started his solo career after playing with rock band The Mid-Summer Classic. Dobbs is a passionate musician as he knows how to play a myriad of instruments such as drums, bass, piano and of course the guitar.

Jared Evan

sddefault underrated musicians, Matt Jaffe, Robert Dobbs, Jared Evan

A musical genius which focuses more on giving an artistic touch to all of his music videos and songs, Jared Evan is definitely an underrated musician on YouTube. Soulful voice, captivating lyrics and great composition has rightfully earned him a strong modest fan base. Jared Evan, talented in both rapping as well as singing, has still remained true to his own authentic vision. Evan’s emotional depth in his songs could be attributed to personal struggles of his own life. He’s collaborated with the likes of Dr. Dre, Pharrell and Mike Elizondo.

You can check these musical geniuses out on their YouTube channels, iTunes and Spotify!