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Roseanne Barr Defends Herself Over Racist Tweet to Valerie Jarrett

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Just when everyone thought that the Roseanne Bar and controversial tweet issues were over, she’s back with a defense. While being interviewed by Sean Hannity on Fox News talk show, Roseanne apologized for her poorly worded racist tweet.

Back in May 2018, Roseanne Bar passed a derogatory racist comment for Valerie Jarrett- the senior White House adviser under President Obama. In the tweet that she deleted later, Bar wrote on Jarrett’s physical appearance saying that,

The Muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby.

1 Backlash Over Tweet

The negative response and backlash on the tweet was intense. Considering that, ABC cancelled off her sitcom. According to the ABC Network President, Roseanne Bar’s tweet was abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with the channel’s values.

2 Roseanne’s Apology

Later, Roseanne Bar apologized to Jarrett as well as all Americans. The apology was attempted to be humble considering that Bar admitted that it was a bad joke and she should have known better than to comment on her politics and looks. But the damage had already been done, and people were not so forgiving about it.

3 Her Defense for Racist Tweet

However, Bar did not plan on remaining modest for a long time. She soon started defending her racist tweet and offering all sorts of explanations for it. The comedian also announced that she would not be doing any further TV interviews since they were untrustworthy and very stressful for her. Apparently, Roseanne Bar was filming an entire video on how it happened and what the actual details according to her were. She planned on releasing it through her YouTube channel and encouraged her fans and followers to subscribe to it. The entire idea behind releasing her own video and not clearing things on TV shows stemmed from Roseanne’s belief that the media was biased and that she needed a platform to speak freely without the media filtering her words.

The new and awaited video recently came out. But it did little to clear the blame off Roseanne Bar. In fact, watching the whole things puts Bar in an even worse image if possible. The video clips begins with someone telling Bar to pretend as if she was giving out a presidential address. When Roseanne came to the point where she had to explain her tweet for Valerie Jarrett, instead of coming up with something intelligent, she simply shouts that she thought Jarrett was white. The exasperated comedian however did not tell that nicely. But screamed it to the camera, calling Valerie Jarrett a “bitch” and repeatedly cursing.

4 What Happens Next

Even though there has been no word from Bar ever since the bizarre video came out, little is left for her to actually clear. Any attempts by her to justify her racist and offensive tweet have clearly backfired. By the looks of it, even if she tries to explain the video, it will just bring further destruction.

Roseanne Bar is having a difficult time dealing with the entire situation. Since her derogatory remarks and obvious partiality based on race came out, she has been carrying the label of a racist. Unable to handle it, she resorted to blurting out that all this happened because she voted for Donald Trump. And that doing so is considered highly unacceptable in Hollywood. Her views and comments on racism might have come from her political support for Trump. Under President Trump’s rule, a lot of his policies do reflect his misogyny and racism. Black Americans have also faced troubles getting problems and recognition. This very year, the Cheesecake Factory in Miami had to suspend employees for mistreating a black customer.

But maybe the star has forgotten to consider that in the 21st century, living in a modern country like America and still being racist is never going to work out. Regardless of who you vote for.

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