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The Rise of Skywalker Ending In Its Artbook Shows A Different Ending

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This is probably going to fuel the supporters of “Release J J Abrams Cut”. Recently leaked images from the artbook of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker suggest that the Skywalker Saga could have ended in a different way. The movie, Episode IX in the series, is the final film in the sequel trilogy that revolves around Rey’s destiny to become a Jedi. Though a Palpatine by birth, she chooses to become a Skywalker at the end of the movie, which is more of a symbolic move. Although the film recently crossed the $1 billion mark at the box office, fans are not happy with the storyline. Will this artbook spark more rage?

The Alternate Ending To The Rise of Skywalker

There have been talks about how the original movie had a different ending than what fans got to see in the cinemas. To those who do not know, Disney and Star Wars were originally working with Colin Trevorrow for the last movie. However, change in decisions led to bring back J J Abrams, which was perhaps not the best move for this movie. According to ScreenRant, The Rise of Skywalker’s ending originally had Kylo Ren as the main villain. He killed Rey’s parents and the Force Ghosts appeared to help Rey win against Kylo, not Palpatine. In the end, Rey was helping train a bunch of younglings to become Jedi. They also write that this original story was titled “Star Wars: Duel of Fates”.

The Leaked Scenes From Art Book

There are also leaked images from the artbook “The Art of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker”, which suggest a different ending. Looking at the pictures, do note that none of them shows Palpatine, while Kylo Ren remains the big villain. There is also a picture of Rey’s lightsaber turning to a double-sided staff, which we never got. Take a look at the images released on Twitter:

What is important to note here is that there is no telling if this ending would have been better than the actual The Rise of Skywalker we got. However, we do know that there is an alternate ending that exists which can offer more details in the storyline.

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