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Jason Nash Ignores Tana Mongeau In David Dobrik’s New Vlog

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Since the day Tana Mongeau & David Dobrik teased us that they shot a Vlog together, we have been anxious to see what it is going to be. Rumors about their relationship were already in the air, even though they are just really good friends. However, when the Vlog is finally out, the clip was only for 18 seconds. It was shot the same day when Tana Mongeau was co-hosting Jake Paul’s Press Conference. But we all know that Tana was with Vlog Squad for more than 18 seconds. Where is the rest of the Vlog? More importantly, did anyone else notice how Jason Nash kept ignoring Tana Mongeau in David Dobrik’s latest Vlog? Is he still scared of Trisha Paytas?

Dialogue Between Tana Mongeau & David Dobrik | The 18-Seconds Clippet

I don’t know whether clippet is a word or not, but it fits so just go with the flow, please. David Dobrik recently uploaded his latest Vlog titled MAKING MY CHILDHOOD DREAMS COME TRUE!!

His childhood dream is not Tana Mongeau though. As we know David’s Vlogs are normally a compilation of short clips. Therefore, his childhood dream was actually meeting Pussycat Dolls’ Nicole Scherzinger, but that’s a different story. We are currently focusing on how the Vlog started.

So, everyone is sitting in David’s Tesla. David Dobrik on the driving seat, Tana Mongeau called shotgun, Erin, Carly, Todd, and Natalie can be seen in Tesla as well. However, Jason Nash is seated on the floor between 2 seats. Or he was sitting on something else. (No idea, never seen a Tesla. Lol). The 18-seconds dialogue between Tana Mongeau and David Dobrik majorly focused on a sex-tape offer Tana got.

Ten Million Dollars.

Well, yes, Tana Mongeau said she was offered $10 million for a sex-tape. When David said he does not believe her, Tana said:

Feel my heart, (pause), I just want you to touch my tits.

And the whole audience inside the car started laughing out loud. Everyone, excluding Jason Nash. Yikes!

What was Jason Nash doing during the whole time?

While sitting and being clearly visible as compared to the other Vlog Squad members in the back, Jason Nash seemed to be staring at the camera. Or, sometimes at David, instead of seeing Tana, saying something to Tana, or laughing at her *tits* joke.

Before Tana Mongeau confirmed the amount of offer, Jason Nash smiled for a bit but he was not looking at her directly. His eyes had two targets only: David Dobrik and the Camera. Oh, and he was chewing gum.

So, Tana Mongeau and David Dobrik kept talking, Jason Nash kept chewing gum. While they talked about the unbelievable $10 million, Jason chewed some more. While they all laughed at the T joke (I’m not saying tits again), Jason scratched his beard. No reaction, Nada!

Wonder what must be going inside his head. Was he thinking about the crowned queen of the kitchen floor at the moment?

Trisha Paytas & The Break Up Reason

About a year ago, Trisha Paytas and Jason Nash broke up because of Trisha lashing on David Dobrik in a soon-deleted video. Throughout the year, she has said it multiple times that she never liked the threesome jokes David made, involving Jason Nash, Trisha Paytas and then-single Tana Mongeau.

Tana Mongeau was also expected to be a guest at Trisha Paytas’s The Dish With Trish Podcast, as confirmed by Jordan Worona a few weeks back. However, even we do not see Jordan in the podcast anymore. If she becomes Trisha’s guest (Jordan better do it because he is the manager of both of these ladies), will they discuss this entire non-exchange between Tana Mongeau & Jason Nash?

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