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Kim Kardashian West | The Justice Project

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Kim Kardashian West is more than a reality star or a style icon. She has been studying to become a lawyer and indeed, is taking it very seriously. She recently finished her first year of study as an apprentice. Kim also just released a trailer for her upcoming documentary called ‘The Justice Project’ in which she highlights that there is a mass incarceration problem in the United States.

The Justice Project

Her latest documentary is not related to Kardashians, their happening lives or anything remotely close. It’s not related to her marriage with Kanye West or her makeup line either. In fact, it shines a light on a topic that we usually don’t think about. The reality star is working around the issue of incarceration.

In 2018, Kim Kardashian West successfully lobbied President Donald Trump to free a 63-year-old Tennessee woman who was convicted for a first drug offense, to a life sentence.  Kim also helped free a Tennessee woman who was convicted of murdering a man who paid to have sex with her.

The two-hour documentary focuses on life sentences in prison and uncovering the stories of deeper injustices in the system. It will follow four specific cases that really touched Kim Kardashian. They include a sex trafficking victim and a woman convicted of murdering a family member who molested her.

She stated:

“Every case that I choose is really personal to me and a lot of the time it’s from a letter I receive from someone on the inside that just really touches my heart and something that know moves me,

But the cases I showcase in this documentary showcase the broken aspect of our system. . . . I hope that people can be more empathetic and feel that by giving people, like those featured in the ‘Justice Project’ a second chance, there is no danger to our society.”

The star and wife of Kanye West, is now advocating for criminal justice reform and will work for the people who need her help. These are people who believe they were unfairly sentenced and have unheard stories to share. She speaks to these people, their families, friends, reaches out to public officials as well as attorneys.

Kim Kardashian is taking ‘law’ seriously

After finishing her first year as an apprentice, Kim is one step closer to becoming a full-fledged lawyer. On Saturday, she will be giving the ‘baby-bar’ exam, a one-day examination for first-year law students.

Kim studies law for 20 hours every week. Considering that she’s a mother of four, that is a lot of time away from home.

Kim Kardashian West, wife of Kanye West, told reporters at the Television Critics Association Saturday:

“I aced a test recently.

There’s so much behind the scenes that has never been publicized . . . . I literally do this every single day and spend time away from my work, everything else, my family, because once you get so deep into the system . . . you just can’t give up.”

“Kim Kardashian West: The Justice Project” will debut on the Oxygen cable network on April 5.

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