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Tavi Castro-Peter Versluis Feud | Response to Kenny KO video

Tavi Castro responds to Peter Versluis' interview with YouTuber Kenny KO

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Tavi Castro of Body Engineers gym wear has broken silence on his feud with Peter Versluis. Yanita Yancheva’s (Bulgarian fitness model) spouse has responded to Kenny KO’s video in an exclusive interview with Generation Iron.

What is Tavi Castro saying about the Feud?

Tavi Castro is standing by his side of the story in an exclusive interview with Generation Iron. The response comes after business partner Peter Versluis appeared on Kenny KO’s channel and basically claimed that Tavi is not trustworthy.

According to Musclemania Champion and Body Engineers CEO Tavi, Peter Versluis is trying to take over his company. In response to Peter Versluis’ claims, Tavi Castro told Vlad Yudin that Versluis was the one mismanaging Body Engineers by delaying payments.

Peter Versluis did not pay on time and the payments were not enough. He would always give excuses and delay the payments.

Castro also shares that things got out of control last year. In May of 2019, Peter refused to pay for a stock of Body Engineers’ clothing. This particular incident served as a catalyst for the Tavi Castro-Peter Versluis feud. According to the Dutch-Canadian bodybuilder and DJ Tavi, Peter Versluis ran out of money at that time.

It happened once. It happened twice and the third time was the killer. We (Tavi Castro & Body Engineers) had an order worth 515k Euros and 350k that needed to be paid immediately. Now suddenly there was no money because he had none. He started creating excuses and blaming me for mismanaging Body Engineers. That was his excuse for not paying anymore.

What’s the current status of Body Engineers?

Tavi Castro told Vlad that Body Engineers’ assets are currently seized by a court order. The order comes after 50% business partner Peter Versluis took the matter to the court. He accuses Castro of mismanaging the company and that is what led to the seizure. Moreover, they now have an official court hearing set for February 5th.

We will keep you updated on the Tavi Castro-Peter Versluis feud.

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