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Oscars 2020 Predictions for Best Picture

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The nominations for Oscars 2020 have been announced and now 9 movies are competing for the title of best picture. The movies are Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Jojo Rabbit, Parasite, Little Women, The Irishman, 1917, Marriage Story and Ford V Ferrari.

All these movies are so impeccably good that it’s hard to decide which one of these will win the best picture. Try as we may credit all these movies equally, there’s only going to be one winner at the Oscars and we’re going to try to predict which one of these it’s going to be.

Oscars pick – Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

The new Tarantino film is most likely to win at the best picture award at the Oscars. And let us tell you why. For one, 1) the movie is liked by the masses as well as the critics, b) it’s a Tarantino film and c) it’s a movie based off on Hollywood with spectacular actors and is directed by one of the most celebrated directors. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is a quintessential Hollywood movie and the safest best.

1917 is a Big Contender Too

The movie got two golden globes, best movie, and director before it’s theatrical release. Go figure now!

Diversity? Oscars Doesn’t Know it

The only reason we think Parasite was nominated is that a) the movie is phenomenally good b) has won most of the critics awards and c) it would’ve really proved that Oscars is all “white” if Parasite hadn’t been nominated. So, for the sake of “diversity” and “including everyone” the movie was nominated.

But hey this is just an opinion. Personally, our favorite of the lot is Parasite. We’d go even far enough to say it’s the best movie of the decade. However, deep down we know it’s not going to win. Probably could, but we highly doubt that.

Marriage Story, Little Women, and Jojo Rabbit

They’re good movies but we can bet that none of these movies will get an Oscar win for best picture. Little Women might do because Oscars has already received so much backlash for not nominating women in the director category. However, this is just wishful thinking.

Joker Will Win the Best Actor

The best actor award has Joaquin Phoenix written all over it. Though the movie has gotten the most nominations out of all others, we highly doubt the best movie would go to Joker. Don’t get us wrong, the movie is good and we know it has a bigger fan following than others, but it wasn’t a critic favorite. And popular movies among the masses don’t usually make the cut for the Oscars.

The Irishman and Ford V Ferrari

Before the Irishmen’s release, we would’ve put all our money on this Scorsese movie. But now we wouldn’t agree to. Not that the movie isn’t phenomenally good but it’s just not winning material. It’s really hard to explain why but you know sometimes you just know that something just isn’t up to the mark. That’s the exact case with The Irishman.

Ford V Ferrari is the most forgetful nomination among all the others. Not saying it’s a bad movie, but unfortunately, its only achievement that is going to be that it was nominated.

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