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Harry and Meghan’s Royal Exit: All That We Know Right Now

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Things are seemingly going on the right track for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry it seems. Getting exactly what they want, they are all set for their royal exit now that Queen Elizabeth II has also spoken about the young couple. Interestingly, HRM the Queen gave a big hint about taking titles away from the Duke and his Duchess. In the recent updates that have come straight from the Palace, here is what we know about the situation so far!

Just Meghan and Harry

The Queen has ordered the removal of Meghan and Prince Harry’s royal titles. That means they will no longer use the title of His/Her Royal Highness. The last time this happened was when Princess Diana divorced Prince Charles. While Diana completely lost the title, Meghan and Harry will keep “holding” it but cannot “use” it.

Pay For The Frogmore Cottage

Apparently, Meghan Markle and Harry Charles also wish to pay back the taxpayer’s money which they used for renovations in Frogmore Cottage. Last year, the couple moved out of the Nottingham Cottage, which belongs to Harry’s brother Prince William and Kate Middleton. Frogmore Cottage at the Queen’s Windsor was given, which had renovations costing over $3 million.

Meghan and Harry Will Earn Through Private Funds

According to BBC, the couple also wishes to let go of the public funds, they want to work to become financially independent. Sources state that Markle used to receive $50,000 for every episode of Suits. Currently, Prince Charles covers Harry and Meghan’s expenses, which come in private funds. E! Online states that he will continue to give private funds.

Royal Exit Means No Royal Duties

With the royal exit, it is apparent that royal duties and appointments will also cease. Harry served as Captain-General of the Royal Marines after succeeding the Queen’s husband Prince Philip. He is also the Commonwealth Youth Ambassador. Now, the prince will no longer involve himself with such duties.

When Did It All Start?

While Meghan and Harry claim that this decision took several months, the public got a hint only a few months back. It was an interview with ITV during their Africa tour where Megan explained how hard it was to be a Royal, clearly stating the unexpected media scrutiny. Meghan Markle’s media coverage was also abhorrently racist by the UK tabloids. For Prince Harry, he said that his mental health and pressure is something he gives“constant management”.

Harry also said:

“I’ve seen what happens when someone I love is commoditised to the point that they are no longer treated or seen as a real person.”

Meghan and Harry have reassured the Queen that they will “continue to uphold the values of Her Majesty”.

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