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Can George Lucas Return To Star Wars For The Mandalorian Season 2?

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Amazing how the big guns of Star Wars do something that can just be remotely insignificant but can spark a whole lot of debate. Remember when George Lucas held The Child in his arms and Jon Favreau photographed it and put it on his Instagram? Not only did the picture get several thousand likes and Retweets on Twitter, but fans are also expecting something bigger now. Some are hypothesizing that this can mean that the OG director might just return this fall for The Mandalorian Season 2.

Things That Director Said A Few Years Back

As ComicBook reports, it was back in 2015 when director George Lucas admitted that his break between Episode VI and Episode I was mostly due to becoming a dad. However, he did not want this. He really wanted to make more movies.

“Well, first is Dad. I mean, I gave up directing in order to become a dad. You know, for 15 years, directing, I just ran a company and was an innovator but it was not doing what I really liked to do, which is actually make movies.”

During the interview, Charlie Rose (the interviewer), asked him if he was sure that he does not want to do a popular movie because he does not need the money involved.

Lucas responded:

“I don’t need the money. My interests have shifted to more mature things. I mean, I did the kids’ thing. I did it.”

Lucas calling his own creation a kids thing might have hurt some fans, but he was good enough to give a clear clarification on this.

“Well, it is a kids film. Adults like it. It’s for everybody, obviously. But the kinds of movies that I’m going to make now are much more demanding of an audience and most of the audience won’t have anything to do with it and it’s on subject matter that most people don’t want to see movies about.”

What Does This Mean For George Lucas and Star Wars?

During the interview, Lucas also admits that his Star Wars days are over, and he wants to move on. However, despite what he claimed, there was a bit of his influence at the time of the filming of Star Wars spin-off Solo: A Star Wars Story. Later, he also appeared on the set of The Mandalorian to take a look at baby Yoda or The Child. Favreau’s involvement in The Mandalorian has given him a critical acclamation from Disney’s CEO Bob Iger. According to the boss, his style is comparable to Lucas himself.

Perhaps it is a thing of the future when we will get to see if George Lucas really does return to Star Wars for The Mandalorian season 2. However, if he does, then perhaps Jon Favreau might be the key to this.

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