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Supernatural Season 15 will have flashback episode

The end of an era

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Fifteen years and fifteen seasons, this season became home, saying goodbye isn’t going to be easy and will be a heart-wrenching affair. I mean what’s not to like? The Winchester brothers with a bond unlike any – the ultimate vigilantes dressed in check shirts. Driving around the continent in the Impala A.K.A ‘baby’. Saving the world from monsters one after another, all the while eating burgers and pie. The show-runners have promised that the season 15 of Supernatural will have a flashback episode, but it’s not disclosed which episode it will be in.

Jensen Ackles view on the flashback in Supernatural

Jensen Ackles, who plays the role of Dean Winchester, while talking to Entertainment Weekly wants the flashback to be about his role’s sneakiness under the wing of Dad Winchester A.K.A Negan from ‘The Walking Dead’.

Dean Winchester from Supernatural was always the kid who was in the mood for an adventure. During their childhood in the motel, Dean would either be watching the TV or would be sneaking out. So naturally, Jensen Ackles wants to see something of the likes of Dean tagging along with Dad. Completely unnoticed and very much in trouble.

Jared Padalecki’s view on the flashback

In the same interview, Jared Padalecki talked about the kind of flashback he is in the mood for. Sam Winchester is the kid very much in tune with his emotion, from very early on. It came as no surprise to me when Jared’s flashback wish was an emotional one. Jared wants to see how the events after Mary’s death unfolded. How John figured his way into the hunting world.

Of all the episodes of Supernatural season 15, a lot has already gone down. Many characters made appearances while some like Rowena and Ketch met their end. Season 15 of the Supernatural will have a total of 20 episodes. The final episode will air on May 18, 2020. A sad day indeed!

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