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Haunted Frozen Elsa Doll Frightens Family

Living the Annabelle in real life

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Not that I am a fan of horror movies or anything, I know this much that some people jumped out of their skins when they saw the creepy Annabelle doll movie. Though, something similar in real life has happened. The strong and fierce Frozen Elsa doll, which many young kids play with, frightens the hell out of a family in Texas., and people are calling it the haunted doll. 

How it all started

All over the world, the Frozen characters Elsa and Anna are loved by many. Emily Madonia’s daughter was apparently fond of Elsa too, and she got just that as her Christmas present in 2013. Everything was going as normal as it gets for a doll. You press a button, and then the frozen Elsa doll goes off singing “Let it go”.

As time passed by, the doll started to act strangely. For starters, instead of the routine chants of “Let it go”, it opted for mature means of communication – English, and Spanish. Emily looked all over the Elsa doll for any button that would explain the behavior of the doll. But she could not find any. Plus, the frozen Elsa doll would start speaking on its own, without anyone pressing the button! At that moment, the mum knew she wanted the doll out of her property.

Getting rid of the Elsa doll

Emily couldn’t understand what was happening, and to protect her kids she decided to dump the frozen Elsa doll in the trash. A few days later, the doll appears in their house again, and the kids swore they had nothing to do with it. She had to wrap the doll in three garbage bags to make sure that it will not come back. However, it came back to their house weeks later.

People are twisting Emily’s story

She posted about these events on her Facebook and asked for help. The response she received was unimaginable. Some told her about the similar incidents they encountered. Many were telling her that it was a haunted doll and she should get a priest to come and bless her house.

When the journalists got a whiff of her story, they twisted and give words to her story which she didn’t intend. They mentioned her name in their stories, and how she thinks it was the reincarnation of the Annabelle doll. In reality, she said nothing of the sort. She only that she wanted the doll out of the house. Ever since then, because of the unwelcome attention she and her family have received she switched her Facebook profile to private. People have been making negative comments about her. As a response, she’s asking people to not believe everything the news says:

One interview, y’all. That’s all it takes. And a thousand little articles are spawned, all with different, inaccurate information. Good lord. It’s been a riot reading these in kind of a cringe-inducing, nauseating way. (Seriously, I can hardly eat or sleep for 3 days now…) And the comments:
“Her husband did it”
“Definitely the kids”
“Housewife needs her 15 minutes of fame”
“Some people will do anything for attention”

Journalism is entertainment, my friends. These stories are fun to read. They are lacking in facts. The language is worded in a way to captivate you, not to give you information. 99.9% of the articles of my story are not written by people who talked to me. But hey, I’m right here. If you’re going to bother to comment, why don’t you ask me yourself? Or you can always ignore it. Why be a jerk? I know, “the internet is the internet and that’s they way it will be,” she screams into the void.

Where’s the doll now?

One of the family’s friends, Chris Hogan, wanted to adopt the so-called haunted Annabelle doll, and Emily happily obliged. In an interesting turn of events, Chris has been getting numerous offers to sell the Annabelle doll. We don’t know if he will buy it but let’s see what happens!

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