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Eminem’s New Album “Music To Be Murdered By” Gets Critics’ Review

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With Eminem, there is no telling what he is going to do next. Especially after sparking up a decade-old feud with Mariah Carey and her former husband, we know that he doesn’t really care about it either. Marshal Mathers III cares so little that he spends most of his time telling that he doesn’t care at all. Welcome to Eminem’s new album, “Music To Be Murdered By”. Let’s see how the critics view the rap king’s 11th album.

The Independent On Eminem’s New Album

We are going to start with The Independent. Starting with the Intro, Premonition, they feel that this is about a man who can never win. This song takes on the criticism he got over previous songs. Eminem’s new album song plays: “They said I’m lyrically amazing but I have nothing to say. But then when I put out Revival and I had something to say they said that they hate it”.

“Eminem belittles the trauma of a then 26-year-old Ariana Grande for kicks on “Unaccommodating” by comparing himself to the Manchester Arena bomber. The sour taste of this track lingers well beyond the album’s centrepiece, “Darkness”, which is intended as a searing critique of America’s toxic gun culture.”

Writes one of the top UK-based digital news media.

The Guardian Calls The New Album Stronger Than Previous Ones

The Guardian did not go easy on Eminem over his new album. But somehow finds taste somewhere between. After writing a “40-year-old man complaining about the youngsters’ taste in music”, they try to find a bit of flavor to the album titled “Music to Be Murdered By”. And so, they write:

“If Music to Be Murdered By covers a lot of old ground, it does so in considerable style. It’s a stronger album musically than its predecessor.”

NME Said Eminem Indulged In His Immature Ego

New Music Express, starts by writing that the rapper God continues to grow old in a disgraceful fashion.

“He’s ready to pass on hard-earned wisdom before running his mouth like he hasn’t learned his own lessons. And he offers casual fans a hook or two before embarking on another lyrical work-out.”

The Telegraph Calls Eminem’s New Album Brilliant

The Telegraph is seemingly a fan of “Music To Be Murdered By”. Amazingly, the rapper bursts out 229 words in under 30 seconds. With an average of 7.6 words per second, this is probably a world record already.

“The grandstanding champion has pugnaciously inserted himself into the new decade by dropping an unannounced double album as punchy, melodramatic and brilliant as anything he has ever done. “

You can listen to the complete album here below:

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