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The Lovebirds Trailer Is Out Now Featuring Kumail Nanjiani and Issa Rae

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What would you if you are looking to spend time with your girlfriend but unintentionally get involved in a murder crime? The rom-com specialist Kumail Nanjiani is out in exactly this situation alongside his partner Issa Rae. The trailer of Michael Showalter’s The Lovebirds is here and features a high-octane comedy. All Jibran (Kumail) and Leilani (Issa) need right now is to spend a good time together. Especially where they are not together in some sticky situation.

The Lovebird Trailer Starring Kumail

The trailer of The Lovebirds features Jibran is a defining moment of relationship with Leilani when they suddenly get to chase a man getting away on a bicycle. A man pretends to be a cop and hijacks their car, runs over the unknown guy several times and leaves. Leilani and Jibran are now standing with the dead body and two random passersby thinking they have murdered the guy, inform the police. Watch the trailer below:

Anna Camp, Kyle Bornheimer, Paul Sparks and Moses Storm also star in the film. Interesting how The Lovebirds trailer starts with a romantic moment between Jibran and Leilani and quickly turns things 180 degrees. The couple now has a decision to make: either to keep running from the cops who are chasing them with choppers and everything, or hand themselves over and tell them the truth.

You can see the couple getting into dangerous situations, fighting off with guns and bullets and attending shows wearing masks in order to catch the real suspect. The Lovebirds movie is a production of MRC and is releasing on April 3, 2020.

Kumail Nanjiani has great things coming to him soon, from starring in Marvel’s The Eternals, to starring alongside Dave Bautista in Stuber and now this rom-com with Issa Rae. The guy is on a roll, and rightly so. After displaying a wonderful performance throughout his career, especially in HBO’s Silicon Valley, he deserves this fame.

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