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Deadly Carr Fire Threatens Redding

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The massive Carr Fire in Redding, California has already been raging uncontrollably. The Carr Fire has destroyed more than 44,000 acres of land. And it has only been contained 3%. Thousands of people have had to evacuate the area, and two were even killed in the fire.

The blaze claimed the life of a private bulldozer operator who was handling an active section of the fire. Not just him, but a Redding firefighter also died during the rescue operations. Redding is extremely threatened by the flames of the Carr Fire. High temperatures and dry conditions prevalent in the area have further worsened the fire. Recently, officials had to send out instructions for further evacuations in Summit and Shasta Lake. The Cal Fire Chief Brett Gouvea released a statement saying,

This fire is extremely dangerous and moving with no regard to what’s in its path.

As narrated by American footballer, Jimmy Kunkel by Thursday night, Redding was panicked. The Carr Fire was raging along Northern California and taking over the city that had 91,000 residents. The power had already gone off and police officers were telling people to leave through loud speakers. The fire was coming, and everyone just wanted to escape. Kunkel shared the thoughts and feelings of the residents of Redding saying that,

There’s just the sheer panic of, ‘Do I have everything?’” said Kunkel, a teacher and football coach at Shasta High School. “And ‘Is my house going to make it?’’

According to reports, the Carr Fire that took over Redding was not just menacing but also unmerciful. Other than the two lives it took, it destroyed 65 structures, and caused damage and threats to a thousand more. As per the Cal Fire reports, the fire started by a mechanical failure in a vehicle. Soon it grew explosively and was worsened by the dry temperatures and strong winds. Instead of losing its blaze, the fire has become even more active lately.

According to official statements released by the agency, the firefighters are working aggressively to build containment lines around the Carr Fire in Redding. But they are having no luck. Keeping in view the weather forecasts of Redding, the chances of controlling the fire behavior are very low. The Governor Jerry Brown has declared an emergency situation in the area.

People are extremely saddened knowing that their homes might not survive the growing flames. And even when its important that their friends and families are safe, houses carry irreplaceable sentiments too.

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