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Flirty Dancing | Jenna Dewan’s Song Picking Way

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American actress and dancer Jenna Dewan is multi-talented. She is currently expecting her first baby and simultaneously hosting the reality-dance contest ‘Flirty Dancing.’ So, she’s a multi-tasker too. Jenna recently shared more about her experience as the show’s host. Especially about her song picking procedure for the contestants. Keep reading to find out more.

Flirty Dancing!

Well, Flirty Dancing is all about dancing and finding love. The show’s format is an interesting and fun mix of a dancing contest and a romantic conquest. It premiered on December 29th on Fox.

How it works is that contestants would learn half of a dance routine then meet and create an entire performance together, spontaneously.

Jenna Dewan is a phenomenal dancer herself thus she makes an amazing host for the show.

Jenna Dewan shares song picking process

In a recent interview, show host Jenna Dewan talked all about flirty dancing.

She expressed how much she loves the show and how its’ dating-dancing format is so refreshing. She also talked about how authentic and real it feels to express love through dance. And that she speaks that from her own experience.

It’s really authentic and sweet.

It’s like, connection, finding love and doing it through dance which to me is so powerful because I’ve experienced how much you can feel in dance and how much you can express through dance. I thought this would be really fun.

She also shared how she picks out songs for her contestants to sway to. Interestingly, it’s an entire process on its own. First, they research who the contest is as well as a background check that defines them today. Dewan also takes into account what the particular contestant is looking for.

All their backgrounds, who they’ve dated, what’s worked, what’s not worked, what they’re looking for. Their personality, their job, everything about them.

Jenna Dewan shared that they even explore personality types like if they’re an adventurous, outgoing person, she would give them a more “upbeat kinda fun party song.”

She added that she even looks for parts of their personality that they might not be expressing. And through dance and music, she enables them to do that. Such as some contestants who are romantics at heart but never had a partner to express it to. Jenna then gives them a more romantic song to bring out their more sensual side.

She adds:

We kinda play with that, and if they’re comfortable then it’s actually great. We’re bringing them out of their comfort zone and they end up saying “it was my favourite dance.”

The format of Flirty Dancing is even more interesting than we thought. A lot of effort is being put into every part of the dance/dating reality show. Especially because Jenna Dewan is so brilliant, intuitive and sweet! We think it’s time you start watching this show if you haven’t already.


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