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V Wars Plot becomes Reality | Ian Somerhalder Shares News

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V Wars is quickly getting the attention of everyone. The show revolves around Luther Swann (Ian Somerhalder), a genius scientist and his best friend Micheal Fayne. The two go on to investigate in the arctic for a scientist who hasn’t been responding. In the layer, they find a virus- one found in the glaciers that turns humans into blood-thirsty vampires. Or, the Bloods. So, as we all know and believe, this is just a plotline to a season that features an all-time favorite, Ian Somerhalder. What if, that’s not it? What if, there’s more to the concept? Vice just released news that actually does make it true!

The V Wars story line Vs the current findings

Here is what the character of Ian Somerhalder has to say in the beginning of the show.

We know that climate change is causing glacial deterioration. We also know that there are viruses and bacteria trapped in that now melting ice. Now, let’s just say, the pre-historic equivalent of the Zika Virus, Ebola or the bubonic plague were to appear as a result of the melt. Our bodies would have no immunity and we would have no vaccines that could help us.

If you ask me, I don’t think it is asteriods or nuclear wars that would wipe us out. It is this. (Refering to a virus in his presentation)

According to the V Wars, that is exactly what happens. The Bloods virus is released and humans turn into vampire-like creatures who feast on human blood.

Here is what the current findings are according to VICE.

These researchers have recovered evidence of ancient viruses in the glacier ice, including 28 viral groups that are new to science…The dangers encased in ice are real, and with the increases in melting of the ice worldwide, the risks from the release of pathogenic microbes also are increasing.

Do you see the similarities in the threat depicted in V Wars? As alarming as this is, we do hope the scientists do their science and are able to find a way to counter this for the speed at which the glaciers are melting. Otherwise, we are all, doomed.

Good Job though, Ian Somerhalder. The news might not have reached half as many people as it has without you acknowledging it. Climate change awareness is important.

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