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The Mandalorian Season 2 Should Answer These Questions First

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Those days are gone when we would wait for baby Yoda (oops, we are not supposed to call him that) every Wednesday. Jon Favreau’s Disney+ show starring Pedro Pascal really reminded us what Star Wars could have been had someone else taken up the project. Nonetheless, The Mandalorian left some loose ends in its debut season, which we want to be tied in season 2. The story has to keep rolling and we understand that, but let’s remind the creators that we were not blindly watching the show.

The Mandalorian Season 2 Should Answer The Following:

How Did He Get The Darksaber?

Moff Gideon survives his tie fighter crash and brings out his epic (and probably even legendary) dark saber. Honestly, it would have been more of a shock had he died from the fall than watching him survive. But the dark saber really pulled all the attention. Never to be seen in The Star Wars movies, the rare Jedi relic is in possession of the most sinister person on the show right now. How did he get it? We want answers, Favreau!

The Night of Thousand Tears?

We don’t really understand a lot about this show and this is why we are looking forward to The Mandalorian season 2. For example, when we discovered that the Mandalore is an order instead of being a race of planet Mandalore, we did not quite get that. There was something else, Moff Gideon talked about the Night of 1000 Tears. We hope to find out more about the Siege of the Mandalore in the upcoming season 7 of Star Wars The Clone Wars. But what about this one?

Show Us More of that Armorer In Season 2

The Armorer is more than just a woman who crafts weapons for The Mandalorian. In the final episode of the Disney+ show, we saw a glimpse of her skills, killing all the troopers who surrounded her like cutting through the cake. Perhaps she is Din Djarin’s leader? We do not know if she survived or fell to the underground Empire, we do like to believe she did survive. Still, the new season of The Mandalorian must have her details as well.

What About That Stranger From Episode 5?

After Fennic Shand’s death, the final scene features a mysterious figure examining her body. There is not much description about the person except for what they were wearing. Some, like DenOfGeek, say that this was Boba Fett. Or is he some new bounty hunter, more ruthless than Gideon with his dark saber? The second season should also answer this.

Where Are All Others?

The last time we saw an army of Mandalorians was back when Din Djarin was trying to save baby Yoda (oops again) from the Guild. There we saw the order getting back together one last time in order to save one of their own because THAT WAS THE WAY. However, they all vanished, never to be seen again. Where did they go?

Disney+’s The Mandalorian’s second season has a lot of explaining to do. We hope that the creator answers these questions during the storyline, because seriously. None of us wants to see another Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

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