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Shane Dawson Receives Keemstar Kosmetics PR

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We recently updated everyone about the ‘reality’ of Keemstar Kosmetics that had been initially doubted. It turned out that the eye-shadow palette  was real and delivered to customers,. In fact, it was also really good. According to many customers, the eye-shadow palette was pigmented and equipped to create proper makeup looks. Well, we needed an actual makeup artist to vouch for this too. And lucky for us,  conspiracy theorist YouTuber who has his own palette now, Shane Dawson put it to test. Read on to find out his worthy feedback on Keemstar Kosmetics eye-shadows.

Shane Dawson tries Keemstar Kosmetics

Shane Dawson took to his Instagram stories to reveal it. He had received a PR package from Keemstar himself. He mistakenly said, “it’s from Keemstar” while he showed followers the black and red PR box. Then he corrected it to “sorry- Keem Kosmetics.” While he filmed, he also wrote “thanks Drama Alert!” referring to Keemstar and his YouTube drama channel.

He mentioned that it had a signed palette from Keemstar and it also had lots of clown noses. There was even a small card that said ‘Unleash your inner clown’. He said,

“This is just so funny, oh my God.”

Of course, even Shane Dawson found it hilarious that Keemstar had created his own makeup line. It was hard for anyone to take it seriously as the drama YouTuber had no experience or explicit interest in makeup.

Shane Dawson expressing his natural curiosity, said he was going to do some swatches and see. He also mentioned that he too had heard the palette was good.

Dawson approved?

Laughing, he pointed out ‘Kitchen Floor’ that hints at Trisha Paytas. He first tried on the “Trish shade” that is a bright yellow. Shane was absolutely impressed as he let out a big “whoaaa, not bad! whoaa.”

Then he tried on another yellowish mustard shade, then the white one, and then the black. And all the shades really impressed him.


Shane did clarify that he knew nothing about it and again questioned if it’s even real. Considering how nicely they worked, Shane shared his thoughts.

I think it’s real, like I actually think he’s wanting to make makeup. I actually really like that, that’s crazy. Good job Keem!”

Well, there you have it guys. Shane Dawson has certified the eye-shadow palette as ‘real’ and even good. So if you still had doubts about purchasing it and if you love these crazy, bright colors, then you can get Keemstar Kosmetics too.

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