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The Zone | A Britney Spears Experience

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Britney Spears, much like her music, always stays relevant. She loves to keep adding to her ventures and well, oops! She’s done it again. However, this is big. This is amazing. This is every Britney fan’s dream. It is so iconic that it will have you ‘zoning’ out of reality, thinking about it. (Get it?) Britney Spears presents, The Zone. What to expect from it? It’s Britney Bitch(es), definitely something ‘out of this world’. (Hint hint)

Experiencing The Zone | A Britney Spears Experience.

It is essentially a retail and an all-inclusive Britney Spears pop-up outlet. It is literally all things Britney. The Zone consists of 10 interactive rooms, made to the theme of some of Brittany Spear’s greatest hits.  Each room is designed to envelop you with all of your senses. It sounds so exciting.

It is a 30,000 square foot pop-up that will be open on the corner of Fairfax and W 3rd St in Los Angeles from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. PST six days a week. Tickets are available from 31st January 2020.

What to expect from each of the 10 rooms.

Here is what it says on the website.

Join us on a journey to Mars and relive “Oops…I Did it Again.” Snap a selfie as you listen to “Toxic” while gliding through the air on a commercial airline. Grab a friend and dance through a stormy rain forest with a Burmese python around your shoulders. The Zone is the only place where you can be a part of Britney’s music video worlds.

Following this, we understand that each room is designed for one of Brittany Spear’s hit music videos. As of now, the website discloses only 2 videos explicitly. We figured that since these are the top 2 Britney Music Videos, there is more to be expected from this. So, we looked into Billboard’s Top 10 Britney Spears Music Videos.

Note: This is solely based on our pattern formation, the Zone could contain some different room settings.

Baby… One More Time

After ‘Toxic’ and ‘Oops I did it again’, Billboard ranks this high-school inspired video. You may find yourself in a classroom for all we know!

(You Drive Me) Crazy

So, with the airplane and the high school, you also might find yourself in a room set for you to own with your moves. This video was Spears’ first dance inspired video. And now, she may offer for you to inspire yourself in the zone.


Sparkle, sparkle, sparkle. Although, this room may have some interesting props to look forward to.

I’m a Slave 4 U

More dancing and flashing!

Me Against The Music

This song rocks a Madonna and Britney dance-off. Grab your best friend when you go into The Zone. Trust us, you’ll have fun!


A room that’s all white with a bathtub? Maybe they could swap it with some other hit like ‘Stronger’. (Imagine being able to conduct lightening with your hand)


We did find a Billboard article that did set a tone for this.

a circus complete with a tightrope photo walk, live ringmaster, tarot card reader and the actual jacket and bike from the “Circus” tour


Are you planning to go to The Zone? Let us know in the comments below!

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