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Kim Kardashian Fridge Tour is Insane and Goals

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Kim Kardashian West is not just an epitome of style and glamour. She also has a beautiful family, house, and guess what, even her fridge is goals. Kim recently gave fans a tour of her fridge. And whoa. We are frankly in awe of her kitchen and fridge. Dream fridge it is!

The deleted fridge photo

Kim Kardashian had earlier posted a photo of herself posing next to her fridge. The now-deleted photo received a great deal of speculation, however. People pointed out that her fridge was basically empty. Why was there no food in the fridge?!

Well, Kim then took to her Instagram stories and posted a video tour of her fridge to clear the confusion. And we got to witness the real contents inside Kim’s fridge as well as her ‘kitchens’. Yes, that is in the plural.

“Okay, so since the inside of my fridge is so baffling and I saw all these news reports, I’m going to give you guys a  tour of my fridge” Kim spoke while filming herself.

Kim Kardashian fridge tour

First, she showed us the pantry where she has a frozen yogurt machine. YES, a frozen yogurt machine for a yummy yogurt fix ‘whenever’ needed. But this is just where the fun begins.

Then there is a drink fridge especially stacked with all of Kim’s drinking essentials. Fresh juices, freshwater, you name it. She also shared that all her kids consume a different kind of milk.

Kim then walked into a huge, shiny kitchen which is “where it all happens.”

And behold, she then walked into an entire fridge! Yep, Kim Kardashian West even has a walk-in refrigerator. And she refers to it as a ‘fridgerator’. This contains all of the fresh organic produce, including self-grown vegetables, fruits, and the families’ packed meals.

There is also a separate fridge for oatmilk and almond milk of practically every type and brand. And then more freezers.

We are ‘shook!’ Kim Kardashian West has multiple kitchens, a walk in fridge, organic produce, all-time chefs, and so much more. The amount of vegetables, fruit, milk, and food there is insane. If you want to look at the ‘kitchen of your dreams’ then Kim Kardashian has it.

No one is ever going to say Kim’s fridge does not have food in it- never again.

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