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Gabbie Hanna BoldPosts Might’ve Tana Mongeau’s TikTok Fate?

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While the world is still waiting for Gabbie Hanna to address all the controversies she recently faced, The Gabbie Show host proves she has moved on from all the dramas. Apart from the Jessi Smiles, Trisha Paytas and Alx James dramas, Gabbie Hanna has been busy promoting her singing career. The Broken Girls‘ singer is not broken anymore. In fact, she is happy, healthy, working out and it shows in her bold photos as well. That’s right, Gabbie Hanna just went bold on Instagram & Twitter. Though the photos do not show everything, a few people think her Instagram post might follow Tana Mongeau’s TikTok Fate. How’s that going to happen? Let’s shed some light on it.

A Lil Scheming & Tana Mongeau’s TikTok Ban

Remember when Gabbie Hanna was feuding with Trisha Paytas, and then Gabi DeMartino was involved and got crushed between them. Well, before the feud, Gabbie commented on one of Tana Mongeau’s tweets, showing an interest in starting a drama on her own channel for views.

Gabbie Hanna Tana Mongeau

In response, Tana agreed to start scheming, of course. Both of them have collaborated back in the days and they are still on good terms with each other. We know this tweet was posted ages ago but it’s happening now, fate is doing it. Tana Mongeau is bored again because TikTok banned her, possibly due to showing some skin. Meanwhile, Gabbie Hanna shared she is auditioning for TikTok. Yeah, that happened a few hours before she posted her bold pictures on Instagram handle and stories.

Gabbie Hanna’s surprising posts

There are fans, and then there are non-fans but followers-who-will-never-accept-they-stalk-Gabbie-Hanna. While the fans are happy and super excited to see Gabbie showing her well-sculpted back, there are people who are not liking this side of her. (You’ll see the comments in a minute. Keep reading.)

She is on a getaway with her boyfriend Payton Saxon. And he is also performing the perfect boyfriend duties, which involves taking pictures of her. Some of them got Gabbie Hanna so excited that she ended up posting one on Instagram and one on Twitter.

Gabbie Hanna also confessed that she wanted to share all the pictures because they turned out so good. She shared a few images on her Instagram stories.

Everything aside, we have to admit two things: (1) Payton takes good photos, and (2) Gabbie Hanna is setting goals for many. Spreading body confidence and all.

Unhappy Fans React

Even though some fans complain that Gabbie Hanna only responds to negative comments instead of her lovers, she is still only responding to the haters. Or unhappy fans.

Fan Unhappy

From calling her an attention seeker to giving up on following her, the unhappy fans are reacting in their own style on Gabbie Hanna’s new images.

Gabbie Hanna Fans

Gabbie Hanna Fans Not Happy

She posted similar pictures in December as well. However, she was somewhat dressed in those images. So, this is nothing new when it comes to Gabbie Hanna. And, apparently, she is not going to face Tana Mongeau’s TikTok fate as her images are currently on Instagram and Twitter only. Both of these social networks do not have a policy to ban explicit pictures.

As long as she does not post anything explicit on TikTok, she is all good to go.

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