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Was Meghan Markle’s Dog A Hint For Her and Prince Harry’s Departure?

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This is surely a bizarre theory about the recent development in the royal family, but we believe it is worth reading. On New Year’s Day, reports are that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were taking a hike in Canada. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, along with their two dogs, were seen in the country along with Suits star Abigail Spencer. To some, this may seem like a completely normal thing. However, there is something else going on here.

Why Was Meghan Markle’s Dog There?

The story is reported by E! News. According to the people who saw the royal family, they were also hiking with two dogs, a beagle, and a black dog. The beagle’s name is Guy and is one of two dogs Markle adopted from a rescue shelter. The other one, Bogart could not travel due to her aging health, disabling the dog to make the strenuous journey.

When Guy arrived in the UK, he reportedly suffered an injury to both his legs. The injury required surgery and hospitalization for a few days. With so much going on for the little sport, why did Meghan and Prince Harry decide to take that dog with them on a 10-hour journey? Especially when they knew they would come back after six weeks?

According to the article, some say that Meghan Markle and the Prince had already made their mind about Canada, long before their announcement. Even Daily Mail supports this claim.

For now, it is unclear if this is it for Meghan Markle and her husband. However, Markle and her dog are currently in Canada along with her son, Archie. Queen Elizabeth wants a solution to this within days and wants to step up the pace of finding something better for the couple. Let’s hope that whatever the final outcome is, it is better for the royal couple and their little one!

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