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Frasier TV Show Might get Rebooted

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Frasier-one of the greatest sitcoms to ever air on TV might just get rebooted now. Now that ‘Roseanne’, ‘Will & Grace’ and ‘Murphy Brown’ have been revived much to everyone’s liking, it’s time for Frasier to come back too.

According to Deadline, the TV show’s star and executive producer Kelsey Grammer has been suspecting a reboot. As reported by them, the news says,

Grammer is currently meeting with writers who are pitching different concepts for the potential follow-up series. If the producers settle on a writer and a premise, the project could move beyond exploratory stage.

The show will this time be in a new city, and not Seattle where it was previously set. Even though nothing has been confirmed, things definitely are steering up. Kelsey has been meeting up with show writers who are suggesting ideas for possible reboots. If something works out, we’ll have the show back on again.

Even if Frasier manages to reboot, things will be a bit different. The show will no longer have John Mahoney, since he died earlier this year. When Frasier returns, it will an entire new concept and not just a continuation of the old cast and setting. CBS Television Studios have not commented or revealed anything about the rebooted version officially.

Frasier was one of the most beloved sitcoms on television from 1993 to 2004. The spin-off of Cheers aired for around 11 seasons on NBC. After it’s premiere in 1993, it won 37 Prime Time Emmy Awards making a record for being the only scripted show to win that many awards. Kelsey Grammer was the star of the show- the psychiatrist who settles in Seattle after his divorce. There, he starts his own radio show for psychiatry and hangs out with his equally intellectual brother- Niles. Even if right now the story doesn’t seem much of a recipe for a hit series, once aired, Frasier became an absolute favorite.

But if Frasier is actually returning, and its not a standard revival, is it going to be worth the wait? Without a doubt, Frasier has been a wonderful series. Predictions and early reports say that the reboot won’t have similar casts, setting and premises. Instead, it’s just going to be Frasier set in a new city and carrying over. What made the TV series great was not just Frasier alone, but also other characters like Nile, and Daphne and the rest. So, if the show is starting again with Frasier from scratch, will it be as good as the original?

The news of the reboot is all over Twitter, and everyone is surely reacting.

Let’s wait for more details before we start predicting anything.

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