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Riverdale Season 5 Renewed

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They’re coming back! Betty, Veronica, Jughead and Archie are coming back to your screens for another season. With season 4 of Riverdale halfway through, it has been on everyone’s mind. CW just announced an early release to the season 5 for the town that never runs out of mysteries.

With this, more pressing questions like what’s to come next come to play.

So far in Riverdale season 4.

The 4th season has been full of adventures so far. Jughead is just now leaning back into the investigation of Forsythe Pendleton Jones, Sr. Hiram is busy sabotaging Veronica’s college applications while teasing her of her possible admission into a community college. FP, jughead’s father, confronts Archie and then advises him to stick to helping kids. He also offers to help out Red.

With Hiram trying to blow all chances for Veronica, he gets Pop’s liquor license revoked. From the looks of it, Veronica is getting ready to fire back. We find Betty with Poppy chained in a center after attacking a nurse. As Betty gets there, Poppy begs her to help her. Poppy has no memory of the event what-so-ever.

Currently, the characters of Cole Sprouse, Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, and KJ Apa are all high school seniors. We wonder what will happen nest.

The stars’ predictions for the 5th Season.

Entertainment Tonight asked the 4 main characters of their possibilities from the Riverdale Season 5. since, they are already almost up to graduation. it’s a big question as to what comes next.

From KJ Apa;

I mean, the show’s not called Riverdale High — it’s called Riverdale. So you never know what can happen afterwards.

Maybe Archie will get held back a year.

From Cole Sprouse:

it’s nice that we’re aging.

it also kinda frees up the universe a little bit inside Riverdale to play around with that concept. I’m excited to see where we all go.

From Camila Mendes:

And maybe the show ends with someone having a kid. You know, who knows? I’m just pitching things.

Lastly, Lili Reinhart:

I think Betty probably wants to stay close to her mom, at least for a little while. They’ve got some stuff to figure out. I feel like they’re all gonna take a break year — a gap year — and just chill for a minute.

So college seems to be out of the expected plans by any of the stars. Who knows? Maybe they are on to something! Sadly, we won’t see Skeet Ulrich and Marisol Nichols as they recently announced their departure from the show.

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